Giveaway: Jamies Driving Lessons with Admiral Young Driver

53 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Jamies Driving Lessons with Admiral Young Driver”

  1. Theresa Thomas

    First class train to London

  2. Kate K

    Always loved planes. They brought my family together.

  3. Melissa Palmer

    Love aeroplanes as know we are going on holiday

  4. Stacy Fenemore

    has to be an airplane as its so fast and takes me to hot places

  5. Sherrill todd

    Absolutely loved the double decker bus when I was a child,even the fear of going downhill in it 😂

  6. Niki Clifton

    my favourite has to be by car i love a gfamily road trip.

  7. Erica Price

    Helicopter, but I’ve only ever experienced it once, but it was amazing to be up in the air, but yet so close to the ground.

  8. Adrian Bold

    I love aeroplanes, as they usually mean that I’m going somwhere nice!

  9. Laura Lee

    I love to walk or drive myself, I am not a great passenger and do not like the bus!! 🙂

  10. spuddy11

    l love aeroplanes because it means you are mainly going somewhere hot on holiday

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