Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow

Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow Family Clan (4)

Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow

Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow. Whilst I haven’t had time to post the Ugg inspired Boots and Summer Sandals off to Lilley Belle, I decided to see if I could make another quick pair.

Using the same sole as I used for the sandals, but just single layered as I was running out of white wool I added part of the lower part of the boots and just added a little strap for around her ankle.

I felt it was missing something so I added a large white bow with the last of my white ball. Super securing it to the ankle strap as I didn’t want it to come off if she or Arron start playing with it.

Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow Family Clan (4)

I used a clear press stud on each shoes to fasten again sewing it on securely.

I made them in acrylic wool as I know they will need washing, it’s easier for a busy Mum than using pure wool.

Love the way they have come out.  I’d seen something similar on the internet, but as I was watching TV I didn’t want to follow a pattern, so I knew the boot front from having to do it so many times when I was making them!

What would I do differently?

I’d make the shoe and ankle strap all in one, as I made them separately and although you can’t really see the join, I know it is there. Or maybe attached them as I crochet through the chain that made the strap.

I’d also double sole them as I love the way it worked on the sandal, just this time I was out of wool. I was actually playing yarn chicken making the bows! Time for a nip to the wool shop.

What’s Up Next?

My nephew’s girlfriend is having a little boy so I’m going make a few bits and pieces for them, including my favourite cardigan and probably a blanket or two. Maybe some little boy shoes too seeing as I seem to be in a footwear making phase.

Also want to start my Christmas (yes the big days is now on my list!) presents and I’ve seen a bag from Bag O’ Day crochet on You Tube I’m thinking of making in to a cushion for the girls. I think I’ll do it in three different shades of Pink as they all love pink, but maybe a bag to go with it. What do you think?

What’s on your hooks or needles? Or maybe you do a different craft let me know I love hearing about crafts.

Nanna Jane

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10 Thoughts to “Crochet Baby Shoes with Bow”

  1. Lesley Bambridge

    These are super-cute. I am a great knitter but not so good with the hook. This looks fun to try though

  2. michu

    Cute ones, very nice.

  3. Heather Haigh

    those are adorable and your work is so neat

  4. Kayleigh Watkins

    Aww they are so cute, I love knitted stuff for Mollie, she has a beautiful bonnet and cardigans but no one has made her boottee’s my mum loves crocheting xXx

  5. Bev

    Very cute! I’m not at all crafty, sadly!

  6. kefkat

    So cute. All boys being born as our Grandchildren atm. Love them to bits. I do hope the next one is a little girl. Though I bet you my bank manager wont be! Ha

  7. Sidrah Ahmed

    They are so adorable

  8. Ashleigh Allan

    These are so cute. Love the little bows on them

  9. Margaret gallagher

    So cute one day I’ll be as good as you are
    A neice has just announced her pregnancy -better start practicing!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Great news Margaret Congratulations. I’ve gained a lot of experience through making things for my grandchildren and nieces & nephews. Just watch lots of YouTube video’s and don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t look right, sometimes it all comes together at the end. Let me know what you are making. xx Jane

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