Chicken Balti Curry Recipe From Mummy H

Indi Grand Balti Curry Sauce

All I added was Fresh chicken, cubed or sliced About 4 peppers 2 onions mixed vegetables from freezer and two packets of”Indi Grand” Balti curry sauce left it in slow cooker in low

I bought the Indi Grand sauce from Home and Bargain at a great price of 2 packets for £1. I have used them as few times and have had no complains from any of the family members

I first added the chicken then the peppers, then onions and mixed veg, with the 2 packets of curry sauce scraped out. Left in slow cooker to cook on low


Chicken (cubed or sliced),

4 Peppers,

2 Onions,

Mixed veg,

2 sachets of “Indi Grand” Balti Curry Sauce

All cooked in a slow cooker

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry

Cube or slice the chicken in to pieces about one inch or 2-3 cm in size, place in the slow cooker, add the sliced peppers, chopped onions & mixed veg, as you can see from the photo’s I used frozen mixed veg, but you could used whatever you have in.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti CurryFamily Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry


Add both sachets of the balti curry sauce, stir to cover with the sauce. Make sure you scrape out and rinse out the sachets as a lot of the sauce can be left behind.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti CurryJust put it in to the slow cooker on low & leave it alone to do the cooking for 3 hours.

Family Clan Blog Chicken & Rice Slow Cooker Balti Curry

Serve it with rice and a naan bread and you have a cheap but delicious meal, that will feed 6 people.  Adjust the ingredients as you need to.

Hope you like this quick easy recipe. Let us know how much you enjoyed yours. Send us a photograph of your to, subject heading Balti Curry

Mummy H

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7 Thoughts to “Chicken Balti Curry Recipe From Mummy H”

  1. Kathy Klettke

    Where can I buy this Indie grand balti sauce ?

    1. Mummy H

      Home and Bargains, I sill buy it. also available in jars

  2. Svet Mateva-Evans

    I am totally in love with this Balti sauce, I can’t buy it online and I have to beg my relatives to find it for me……….they never do. So I really need help and advise how to buy this especially saice. I don’t live in UK anymore, but I am buying my favorites stuff online and they are delivered to me in Bulgaria. Please help!

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    This is fabulous for my brother
    Trying to entice him into using his slow cooker
    He’ll love this -so cheap too

  4. Martina Evans

    Trying to hint to my hubby that I want a slow cooker for Christmas so that I can make incredible meals like this! Would love to try this recipe though, the end result looks great =)

  5. Sarah Lewis

    This really does make me want to invest in a slow cooker.

  6. Lena Farell

    I’ve only recently really started to make use of my slow cooker so will definitely be giving this a try. 🙂

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