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We collaborate with companies and PR’s working to promote brand awareness. Our reviews are honest and full with our own photography pictures.

We are happy to honestly review products, which are suitable for members of the family. For example, days out, weekends away, toys, parenting, books, photography, gadgets, educational materials, products for use in the home and garden, food and drink, crafts and baby products.

All opinions given are open and honest and this is the case whether we have bought the product or received it free of charge. In all cases we will state whether the product was received free of charge or if we paid for it.

We love promoting giveaways, & will always be happy to host one for you on our blog using Rafflecopter or on our social media channels.  We believe they are beneficial in generating interest for both your business/product & our blog.  For companies that interested in hosting a giveaway feel free to get in touch via an email.

We accept paid for posts and always mark these with the words ‘this is a sponsored post’, ‘featured guest post’ or an image stating ‘sponsored post’.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, you can email us at email

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Jumbo Darth Vader (Hallmark UK & Ireland) Review

Thank you so much for
popping the link over the post, it’s absolutely fabulous and I’m so
thrilled the giant darth went down well with the family

Brio Police Transporter Set Review

Thank you for your lovely review of the Brio Police Transport set.

Wicked Uncle Review

We appreciate the hard work and time you have spent on this.

Diwah Jewellery Review

We would love to work with you again.

Langshot Communitcations

It’s a pleasure to be working with you both.

Olverum Bath Oil Review

@FamilyClanBlog Thank you for your wonderful, impartial and glowing review of the utterly magical #Olverum Bath Oil!

HOPE’s Relief Goats Milk Body Wash Review

A lovely article, thank you.  I swear by this product for the very same reason! 

Sammy Winwards Book ReviewPrincess Phoebe Meets the Tudors 

Many thanks for this – great coverage! 

2 Thoughts to “PR & Contact Information”

  1. Janice Roberts

    Dear Sirs, I cannot fine for sale brown gluten free flour. My Husband is diabetic and brown foods are the only foods allowed, so making gravy with brown gf flour is the best way to prevent his bloods being too high. Who stocks the brown flour?

    1. Mummy H

      Hi Janice,

      Have you tried seeing if Doves Farm Flour is suited, they do a wholemeal flour that perhaps could be suited, unsure if it is gluten free but worth a look into. – Harriet

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