Rafflecopter Giveaways, How to Enter

Rafflecopter, How Do I Use It!

I know a lot of people think Rafflecopter is very hard & confusing, but once you have grasped it, it is really quick & easy to use.

Why does Family Clan use Rafflecopter?

We use Rafflecopter for our giveaway as we can verify every entry & see when someone is cheating.  Using Rafflecopters rival Gleam doesn’t give us this option.

So how do I use Rafflecopter?

We will take you through it step by step.

  • We ALWAYS have a mandatory question, if you don’t complete this none of your entries will count. The extra tasks are optional but do give you additional entries into our giveaways.

Using Rafflecopter

  • Scroll down the page until you see the Rafflecopter form & click on what looks like a V on the right side, where the arrow is pointing to.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 1
  • Read the task. (What would you like extra energy to do? Comment in the box at the bottom of the page then leave your name below.)
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 2
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page & leave your comment in the bottom box, it will ask you to leave your name & an email address.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 3
  • Scroll back up to the Rafflecopter form & leave your name in the little box & press Enter
  • The rest of the tasks will now show themselves.  These are all optional, but the more your do the more entries into the giveaway that you have.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 5
  • Like on Facebook, again click on the V. Click on the hyperlink, in this case SpaTone UK & Ireland, it will take you to their Facebook page, which you must like, come back to the form & fill in your Facebook name in the empty box. Press Enter
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 18
  •  Open the task as before, click on the hyperlink as before, leave a message on their page.
  • Scroll down the left hand side until you see your comment, then click on the time you posted your message.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 7
  • Copy your URLFamily Clan Blog Rafflecopter 8
  • Paste URL in to box & press Enter.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 9
  • Open next task. Click on Hyperlink that will take you to Family Clan’s Twitter page & click follow, come back to the form & write your Twitter name in the empty box
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 10
  • Open next task.  Click the Tweet button & tweet the message that appears. Go to your Twitter page & locate the tweet.  It will open a new page highlight the URL at the top of the page & copy into box on Rafflecopter form       THIS TASK CAN BE DONE DAILY FOR EXTRA ENTRIES


  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 11Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 12
  • Open next task. Share on Facebook, this task is same as the ealier one but post on your home page, find & copy URL as before.  Paste into empty box.
  • Open next task.  Scroll to top of the page & in left hand column you will see “Subscribe to Blog” write you email address in grey box, press Subscribe button. You will then have to go to your emails to verify your email address & confirm you have signed up to receive our emails. Scroll back to form & fill in the box with your email address. Press Enter
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 14
  • Open next task. Comment on nother of Family Clan’s posts (not giveaways posts). Then leave where you commented & your comment name, ie “ Olverum Bath Oils/ Fred Bloggs” Press Enter. THIS TASK CAN BE DONE DAILY FOR EXTRA ENTRIES
  • Open next task. If you have a Bloglovin account use the box in the left hand column to follow Family Clan. Come back to form & leave the email you used in the box.
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 13
  • Open next task. Clink on the Pinterest hyper link & follow Family Clan, come back to form & leave your Pinterest name. Press Enter.
  • Open next task. Click on here & it will take you to our Pinterest Giveaway board, pin on of the images by hovering you mouse over your selected photograph. Click “Pin”. Once pinned it will say “See your Pin” click as before copy URL, come back to Rafflecopter form & paste. Press Enter. THIS TASK CAN BE DONE DAILY FOR EXTRA ENTRIES
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 16
  • Open new task. Scroll slightly down the page unti you see the social media buttons. Using the G+ button share it amongst your friends, family & the wider public.  Leave your G+ name in the box on the form. THIS TASK CAN BE DONE DAILY FOR EXTRA ENTRIES
  • Family Clan Blog Rafflecopter 17

You have completed all the tasks, well done.

This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, once you have done a couple of Rafflecopter giveaways you will see how easy it is.

Good luck in our giveaways.

Nanna Jane

6 Thoughts to “Rafflecopter Giveaways, How to Enter”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Only just seen this post – will be sending to a few friends : best explanation ive seen thanks

  2. Yvonne Mckillop

    I don’t mind using rafflecopter, it’s when companies ask you to like 5 different pages and come back again for extra and share for extra and before you done the rafflecopter you’ve answered about 30 questions which is time consuming but loving how you shown how to do step by step

  3. Carol East

    Yellow and black with glitter i would be queen bee

  4. JoeHx

    I need to check out Rafflecopter again. Thanks!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory

    Very useful – Thanks

  6. Neil Firth

    Good review for people who haven’t used Rafflecopter before

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