Brighter days are on the horizon

Brighter days are on the horizon

Who is finally glad for a bit of sunshine and brighter weather?

What has been pretty much a year indoors, even though we did have a beautiful Summer last year, but followed by a dismal Winter, I am glad to see that forecast and that sunshine is on the horizon for the next two weeks at least.

I will be glad to get the kids back in the garden and not being stuck being screens for most of the day doing school work and gaming once finished.

Spending time in the garden, potting flowers and plants, playing on trampoline which I’m sure will be inundated with many bedroom belongings to make dens in the coming months.

Grace jumping on the trampoline

I managed to capture this quick snap of Grace jumping on the trampoline earlier this week, it looks like she is tip-toing along the top of the wood fencing, but the trampoline in fact behind this on the grass.

I have an outdoor playhouse coming this week, and I will be ordering swing set in a month or so for us to have the best Summer in the garden.

Even though restrictions are easing, I feel as we are at the same numbers as last year at this stage, and numbers will just rise and with me being pregnant I think that still staying at home most of the time will be the safest option for us all.

Returning of school

With schools returning in just over a week, I’m glad that they can see their friends again as it has been hard for the kids not to see their friends, and Jake only briefly is able to see his on a weekly Zoom PE session he is apart of with school.

Grace’s class hasn’t been doing PE sessions over video call so she hasn’t seen her friends apart from a few photographs that the teacher has been sharing from the children that are in school.

She is looking forward to getting back into school, whereas Jake is the opposite and would rather be home all the time. But being more active with friends will do him the world of good.


How are you feeling with your children going back to school?


Mummy H

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