Snow day has officially been declared

Snow Day

Today our school head teacher declared a snow day and told parents, teachers and carers that there would be no school work today and to get out and enjoy some snow time with the family.

We did just that!

Jake was over joyed with this news, and was the very first one out in the snow. Which was a mega surprise as he is a typical boy and prefers to be in his room in his own space.

We went around our local area, and enjoyed the snow. Throwing snow balls and receiving many in return.

Cold fingers, fresh fluffy snow. It felt so amazing to be out after being within the house for so long.

It has been an amazing day, to come away from the school work, go out and throw snow balls and build a snowman has been just what we all needed. We looked around the garden for his accessories and came up with a plant pot for his hat and pegs for arms.


Just the snow day that we needed

We haven’t been as lucky as the rest of the country and had lots of snow I have been hearing about, so when it came, it came good! Spending quality time with the kids away from screens, and laughing and giggling with each other is just what we all needed just in time for half term next week!

Have you been out in the snow this year? We have truly enjoyed it, and it makes the whole place look so much more prettier. We have had some downpour of snow and it looks really nice when your looking out the window.

Grace enjoys watching the sun shining on the snow as she says it makes it sparkly and thinks that it is magic snow.


Mummy H

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