Tech21 Apple Ipad Case Review & Giveaway

Tech 21 Impact Folio Case for Apple iPad Mini

Impact Folio Case for Apple iPad Mini

I received the iPad case from Tech21 Impact Folio Case for my Apple iPad Mini,  it was very well packaged.  The case is very stylish, smart looking and my iPad was easily inserted into it.

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A couple of things I liked was the different slots so you can stand iPad up at different angles.

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Also because the case is slim-fitting, flexible TPU shell integrated with **FlexShock™ surrounds your device with advanced impact absorption it’s very strong and padded around the rubbery edges it would ‘cushion’ the fall should it be dropped, which having a three year old daughter, Olivia, it is bound to be at some point.  She’s very careful but accidents do happen. It absorbs and repels damaging forces away from the point of impact.

The only issue I had was the case is because I also use a screen protector, when I inserted the iPad into the case it caused some of my screen protector to detached from the screen.  This is the only negative I have maybe this could be improved upon. Perhaps the product  could be provided with when purchased or as an after sales addition of a screen protector that fits with the case.

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Product Height (mm) 208
Product Width (mm) 143
Product Depth (mm) 17


  • Advanced impact absorption through **FlexShock™ and geometric ribbing structure
  • Built to exceed MIL-STD 810G.516.6 to 1.8m/6ft
  • Fully integrated folio cover
  • Multiple folio positions: landscape viewing and typing angles
  • Auto wake magnets
  • Mechanical button for ease of use
  • Access to all features

**FlexShock™’s impact protective efficiency allows it to be ultra-thin for a remarkably lightweight design.

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I really like the black one I have, but it is also available in brown/grey. I love the textured design on the cover. Tech21 sell a wide range of protection for Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Sony, LG and Google products whether it be your tablet, phone or laptop.

Overall I am very happy with the Impact Folio Case for my Apple iPad Mini from Tech21 and I would have no hesitation at recommending it.

UPDATE: Tech21 have kindly given me a new screen protector in place of the one I lost fitting this case. I’m truly impressed by this generous gesture.

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  3. Probably my smartphone. I use it for loads of things- watching TV, online banking, email, social media, news, magazines, shopping.

  4. My laptop – I do everything on it, e-mails, surf the net, family pics, watching videos and entering competitions xx

  5. i couldnt live without my ipad, i go into hospital a lot and its 2 hours away but it means I can use skype to speak to my family, watch films and play games

  6. My laptop – I use it for everything – my emails, my work as a teacher and general day to day activities.

  7. my iphone. Its my link to all my friends. terrible really that you dont pick up a phone u keep in touch vbia social media

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  9. My iPhone! I dropped it at the weekend and had to straight to the phone repair shop, otherwise I would’ve been lost without it!

  10. Definitely my iPhone! I use it all the time for emails, social media, the internet and for taking pictures and I take it everywhere with me!

  11. I could not live withou my iPad because I use it for socialising, weather forecast, news, emails, shopping on line and lots more things

  12. I was very late before getting a smartphone, and now I can’t go out without it being in my hand – not in my handbag, or pocket, but my hand 🙂

  13. my laptop, i’m on it all the time for work and social. i know people say phones and mobile devices are killing off the laptop, but not in my book

  14. My iPad because I love to comp and check out social media plus Skype and play games etc. I couldn’t live without it this would be amazing I need a new case thanks for the chance xx

  15. Mobile phone – it is a great ‘peace of mind’ tool when driving incase I break down or there is an emergency etc.

  16. my android phone, Sony Experia, one of the best phones I’ve ever had. It’s reliable & important to me to keep in contact with friends & family 🙂

  17. Has to be my mobile phone. I know not original! But my husband works abroad often and not living near any family. My phone is the way my daughter and I keep in touch with him and my family.

  18. I couldn’t live without my phone because it does everything! I use it for playing games, emails, keeping in touch with people (novel lol) surfing the web and of course it’s an important safety thing were I to get stranded somewhere!

  19. Couldnt live without my iphone 6 plus. Not only do I need to be in constant contact with my family but I’m totally addicted to pokemon go right now so it’s never out of my hand.

  20. Internet. We used to rely on postcards when family went abroad when I was small. Now, I can talk to my kids when they are half way around the world, like they were in the next room. Amazing.

  21. My phone is always with me – it has replaced my land-line, my camera, my torch, my newspaper, my dictionary, my phrase book, my watch, my notepad, my photo album, my pen, my CD player, my calculator, my maps —I could go on but would be here after your competition has closed!!

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