GIVEAWAY: Zippo 6oz Hip Flask Review

Zippo 6oz Hip Flask

Zippo have been around since the 1930’s and is an ever growing company. Best known for their lighters, but did you know Zippo also offer more products. From hand warmers, clothing accessories, wallets and even hip flasks!

Check out this Zippo 6oz hip flask that we have been sent to review. It is stainless steel as also specially designed to carry alcoholic drinks.

Zippo Hip Flask review by Family Clan

Before using it is advised to rinse with clean water which was simple to do just by unscrewing the top of the flask and flipping the fastener over.

Zippo Hip Flask review by Family Clan

Simply pour in your preferred tipple and close again by flipping the fastener back over and twisting to seal. It is simple to use and I just love how it looks it is very sleek and stylish.

Zippo Hip Flask review by Family Clan

It comes in a perfect 6oz size and is leather wrapped and featured on the front of the hip flask is a de-bossed Zippo logo.

The Zippo Hip Flask measures 9.5cm x 13cm x 2cm, it would be a perfect gift if you are looking for something a little different to gift. You can view this Hip Flask on the Zippo Website.

We have previously reviewed a Zippo Hand Warmer which you can read all about. We are still using this years later and it is such a great product to have in these cold times of the year. Especially with outdoor activities, taking my Zippo with me is a must.

The Zippo Hip Flask is also available to purchase without the leather wrap if you prefer. What would you preferred tipple be inside your Zippo Hip Flask?Win Zippo Hip Flask Giveaway Family Clan

Mummy H


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200 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Zippo 6oz Hip Flask Review”

  1. chris hindle

    I would use the hipflask when at friend and family houses to store spirit In on odd occasion. More practical than bottles.

  2. Craig Hindle

    I will use the hipflask when visiting friends and pub gardens to store a sneaky shot or two in.

  3. donna porter

    We would use this during outside concerts and festivals.

  4. Miss Vicky Allum

    On an evening at the local beach hopefully sat round a campfire!

  5. Chirag Patel

    medicinal purposes at work

  6. Pauline Burroughs

    We spend a lot of time walking in the countryside so that’s when I’d use it

  7. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I would use it when I go out. It would be so useful.

  8. Ross Adkin

    Would love it for when we do sky watching breaks – it gets pretty cold outside after a while!

  9. Helen S

    Great for walks in the Yorkshire Dales with my husband; we are so lucky to live so close to the Dales, a beautiful part of the country. This would be perfect for our hikes, we usually have a rest at the top before heading back down.

  10. Tammy Neal

    Ideal for festivals are hot days x

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