Young Minds Mental Health Day 2020

Young Minds Mental Health Day 2020

Possibly the year 2020 will be the hardest our children will have to go through mental health. With the shut down for the Covid Virus, being away from the stability and routine of education and mixing socially with their peers.

We know that it has affected our young family members, but having each other has really helped.

Today is Young Minds Mental Health Day 2020, so Jake, Grace and Ava had a none uniform day (always fun) and where asked to wear bright yellow or something bright and cheerful. Yellow is the colour of mental health.

This is what they chose. A happy bright bunch off for a day of learning and fun at their school.

Child Mental Health Wekk 9th October 2020 Family Clan

Are your children’s schools having non uniform days too? IF so what are they wearing?

Nanna Jane

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8 Thoughts to “Young Minds Mental Health Day 2020”

  1. ashleigh allan

    All looking bright and colourful. Our school didn’t do anything, its great that your school did.

  2. Dawn Samples

    Mt children’s schools haven’t had a non-uniform day but I know they have been doing little activities to highlight mental health awareness x

  3. Debbie Ellis

    Our school didn’t but my husband and I spoke with our boys about it, mental health is such an important subject.

    1. Debbie Ellis

      Oops, sorry, I thought it hadn’t worked but I’ve posted twice.

  4. Debbie Ellis

    My boys school didn’t specifically do anything but my husband and I chatted with our boys about it, such an important subject.

  5. Maya

    What a great theme for ‘non-uniform’ day. Wearing bright clothes really lifts the mood. They should do it for ‘work’ days!

  6. Emma England

    No, our school didn’t do anything special disappointingly. All 3 of them look bright and cheerful!

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Such a vital part of the community – great way to raise awareness

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