World Calligraphy Day 2017 : Win a Beginners Calligraphy Set

World Calligraphy Day

World Calligraphy Day 2017

Manuscript Pen Company are delighted to announce the first ever World Calligraphy Day. Next Wednesday, 16th August 2017, with events and workshops taking place around the world. One of the biggest events is happening at The Pen Museum, Birmingham for families. The day is being held to celebrate the history of penmanship and all things calligraphy related. Explore the Pen Museum and learn about the many pen companies of Birmingham and the history of the trade starting from quills and dip pens to the modern day fountain pen. Step back in time and try your hand at creating your very own steel pen nib using traditional machinery.

You can join at this free event from 11am – 4pm where you’ll be able to tour the historic museum, take part in some calligraphy workshops and find out more about the history of calligraphy and pen manufacture throughout the world. World Calligraphy Day Family Clan

My Writing Story

When I was at Junior School I had a teach called Mrs Devil, (was pronounced De-Ville) no guessing what we called her, but she made the whole of the junior school write with proper ink pens and in italic font. Now I’m left handed, so I’m always writing across my work. I was always covered in ink and my work was always smudged. She hated me and always seemed to want to make an example of me. I tried writing differently. I’d seen other children writing with their left hand. Somehow bent around I never could managed this. She’d hold my work up at the front of the class, saying how lazy and scruffy I was in my penmanship.

I used to go home so upset, until my Mum came in and sorted her out. She still didn’t like me but didn’t pick on me, as much. We very rarely actually put pen to paper these days. Maybe writing birthday, Christmas cards and the like is the only time we do. But even that is disappearing fast with the like of Moonpig, Funky Pigeon, etc. being available for you do just type in on your laptop, tablet etc. I’m sat here typing this thinking when I last actually wrote, like a letter, poem or something, I have no idea. I know we played games when I was with Harriet, Jake and Grace, we jotted scores and things down then but I’ve no idea when I last actually wrote anything.

Our Future

I’m happy to see that Jake, Olivia and Grace are being taught to write and are doing really well. Olivia has even done some written reviews for us when she’s been out and about. I think they are brilliant and so proud of her. Arron love drawing so that’s the basis of writing for the young so he’s making a start. He is only 19 months old. What did you last write with a pen and paper? Is your writing neat or a mess like mine?

Nanna Jane


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250 Thoughts to “World Calligraphy Day 2017 : Win a Beginners Calligraphy Set”

  1. Jade

    Definitely prefer hand written letters; emails can be so cold and unfeeling but I think there’s always an element of personality in every hand written letter

  2. Keith Hunt

    email as the royal mail is just so bad

  3. Michelle Poppy Clarke

    I prefer handwritten. It’s so special and I feel someone has gone to far more effort than to quickly email. I love to keep letters like my Grandma used to. I love handmade cards rather than bought ones for the same reason. I always make sure my children write proper thank you notes for family and friends at Christmas time as well.

  4. sarah parker

    I love a handwritten letter that shows effort 🙂

  5. Emma

    An email for speed and legibility. A letter for the personal touch.

  6. Dean T

    Love a hand written note, most emails I just trash

  7. Natalie Crossan

    a personal hand written letter to keep forever 🙂 xxx

  8. Champaklal Lad

    email – easy to read, no illegible writing, can reply quicker too

  9. Nancy Bradford

    I prefer a handwritten letter because the person who wrote it put some effort into it and it is much more special.

  10. Aaron Milne

    e mail is so handy & quick – but sometimes that personal hand written item will surpass all

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