GIVEAWAY: Word Bandit by Drumond Park

Word Bandit by Drumond Park

Word Bandit is the new head spinning word-spotting game from Drumond Park where teams take it in turns to take on the one-armed bandit across different categories to find words, names, celebrities and more… each category has a number of letters to work from, find words from 12 letters with word snake; use 6 letters to find things that start with… or just 3 letters for words containing. More answers, mean more points so be quick and race round the board to win the game!

Word Bandit is suited for two teams of any number ages 8 and over.

Word Bandit by Drumond Park review by Family Clan

Contents of the box:-
Word Bandit unit
Playing board
Sticker Sheet
2 Playing pieces
Sand timer

Word Bandit by Drumond Park review by Family Clan

How to Play Word Bandit

There are four different ways to play Word Bandit and depending on the space your play piece is on, this will dictate your next move.

4 Rows – Winding Words – If your play piece is on the purple playing space you will play your bandit to show 4 rows of letters. You need to find as many words as possible that wind around the grid of letters alike to the example shown below.

Word Bandit review by Family Clan Winding Words

3 Rows – Famous People – If your play piece is on a green play space you will need to play your bandit with 3 rows showing, simply slide the cover on the machine to ammend as your play. Pull the bandit down to spin the word wheels.

In this game you must find the initials of as many famous people as possible in the time given using any of the letters displayed in any position. This category was much more trickier for Jake as he doesn’t really know famous people, we did try and use characters in TV shows which is totally acceptable.

2 Rows – Things that begin with … – If your play piece is on yellow you need to show two rows of letters on the bandit. On this yellow play space it will have a category printed on it. You must then think of as many words as you can that are in that category that begin with the six letters that are on show. I.E. Boys Names- and using the six letter on show ‘H, I, N, M, E, R… Henry, Harold, Ian, Thomas, Terence, Michael, Eric, Ethan, Robert, Roy… all within the time given on the sand  timer.

1 RowWords containing – If your play piece is situated on the red space you have to call out as many words as possible that contain any 2 of the letters that you have spun. For older more clever players they must think up words with all three letters in them.

Playing Word Bandit

The team with the youngest player goes first. The non-playing team keeps the score of the correct answers during each turn (it is important that the score is kept). The play space you are on will dictate which of the four games your team will play. I.e If you are on a red space, you will play ‘Winding Words’

Once you spin the bandit and have adjusted the slider to the correct position to rows you need, you play your turn answering following the game you are playing (Row 1,2,3 or 4) when the sand timer runs out. The playing team moves their piece on the board by the number scored in the round.

Word Bandit by Drumond Park review by Family Clan

But watch out for the Cheeky Word Bandit… if the face of the Cheeky Word Bandit appears. instead of a letter then your team has one less letter to play with on that turn. With him being placed on the spinners, this mean he has stolen quite a few potential words away from you, but you have to carry on regardless making it sometimes harder to find the words you need. If the Cheeky Word Bandit appears on three of the wheels in a 1 or 2 row game then the playing team gets another chance as they get a free spin of the word wheels.

The first team to reach finish space, wins the game!

Our thoughts

Word Bandit is a a board game with 4 easy word games for everyone. Word Bandit is suited for ages 8 and over for as many players as you like working in two teams.

Grace has just turned 5 and is identifying some of the letters shown on the Word Bandit and repeating words that start with these. It is great way of helping her identify letters and find words that start with them by listening to their sounds the letters make after repeating from me on the trickier letters she is yet to learn.

This will be a great asset in learning for both Jake and Grace. Playing Eye Spy with Grace at the moment is … very interesting! But this game should be a great help to them.

You can buy Word Bandit from Amazon and all good toy stockists and would be such a perfect gift this Christmas. The RRP is £24.99.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace


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  1. Monika Bascombe

    pampire – my girls version of a vampire

  2. Lia Burns

    Amazeballs! I love it because it just sounds so better than amazing, my kids use it too now!

  3. cheryl hadfield

    fluglebinder…for anything that I don’t know the name for

  4. Tammy Neal

    Finicky I love that word x

  5. Amanda W

    Thingymabobby when you don’t know the name of something… or my other one is snoggawagga when I want a big kiss of my babies x

  6. Marion Payne

    Discombobulated always rolls off the tongue!

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