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The Book of Everyone

 book of everyone

Never mind the story of the Three Wise Men this festive season  – this year, it’s ‘Wise (ish) Words For Everyone’ that will be entertaining your child this Christmas.

Whether it’s for your son or daughter, niece, nephew, grandchild or any youngster you think the world of, Wise (ish) Words For Everyone is a personalised, 50-page grin-inducing book, bursting at the seams with useful and funny advice for children aged 8-16 years to help them make better mistakes – and it’s guaranteed to make a small person’s Christmas Day.

All you have to do is go to Wise(ish) Words For Everyone website, add the name of the child you have in mind, and the platform does all the hard work for you, with their name emblazoned on virtually every beautiful page and incorporated into the sage and sometimes silly aphorisms.

It’s fun to make, free to preview and you can add your own touches to create a one-of-a kind-gift for that special child in your life.  It’s made in minutes – but will give a lifetime of warm-fuzzy feelings and some great lessons for your child to live by.

They make the book. You add the magic.

Let me summarise what I needed to do to create my book.

I went to The Book of Everyone website, choosing the Wise Ish Words for Everyone book to start, and creating was so easy! To start it asks you to add the name of the child, so I chose for ‘Jake’. Then to add who the book was from, so I added that in too.

Wise ish Words Book Review by Family Clan

Next you are given the option of ‘theme’ to choose, so you can choose what would best suit your child.

Next you can choose the option of heartfelt words, or cheeky words. Well I clicked more to cheeky as that is what Jake is!

Great, we were now ready to start creating the pages!

Next when we start to create the pages of our book, we are given an option of 3 phrases to choose from per page, or simply make your own!

Wise ish Words Book Review by Family Clan


A few particular phrases that stood out to me:-

This book is packed full of smile-inducing wise(ish) words personalised by you. Because your words might just help them make better mistakes.

This book feels good to make, great to give, and even better to explore together. It sticks around on their bookshelf for years. As they grow, they’ll find new favourite pages – and they’ll never forget the person who made it.

After I created Jake his very own book, I also had the chance to record my very own personal video message for Jake. It’s totally free. Wish them well, tell them a joke, read them an epic poem you’ve written specially in their honour. It’s up to you. Go wild!

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  1. Kimberley Ryan

    my twin boys are always saying ‘oh fiddlesticks’ which I find hilarious as they are only 4

  2. leigh boyle

    my 6 yo asked if we could give 2 of her younger siblings to charity as thats where her old toys go x

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    My step-granddaughter can’t say Grandad, so she calls my partner DadDad!

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