Win a Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun

 We received a Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box which is in support of new Starmix and Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival which have been launched to help people get into the spirit of Rio this summer!
Available for a limited time only, Frenzy Carnival features the iconic product pieces found in Starmix and Tangfastics, but in a frenzy of exotic flavours and bright colours.
This was so funny to show the kids, they are used to the normal Haribo, so when they asked for an egg sweet and I pulled out a green egg they laughed!

They’re is a big mixture of carnival flavours in the two packs.
Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

Haribo Starmix Frenzy carnival –  Limited Edition
Heart is Peach flavoured
Rings are Mango & Peach, Mango & Lime, Peach & Apricot rings
Teddy Bears are (Pink) Watermelon, (Blue) Banana and (Purple) Lime
Egg is Mango flavoured
Bottle is Grapefruit & Pineapple

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan BlogThese were really enjoyable and the kids absolutely loved them asking which flavours they were before eating.
Fruit flavour and sweet foam gums the pack is 160g so a generous size to share.

Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival –  Limited Edition
Crocodile is (yellow) Banana, (pink) Pineapple, (green) Melon and (purple) Lime
Rings are Lime & Pineapple and Melon & Mango
Cherries are Lemonade & Lime
Bottle are Grapefruit & Pineapple

Fizzy fruit flavour and sweet foam gums the pack is 160g a nice generous size to share, tangy but so full of flavour!

Our carnival pack included lots of goodies for our very own carnival which we held straight away as the sun was beaming.
I opened the box and to my surprise it even had carnival music playing when I opened it!! The kids loved it.
We started to create our own carnival party shaking the Samba Shaker taking it in turns and each shouting ‘Partyyyyy’ as they were running around the house getting into the Rio Carnival spirit!
Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box

We used glitter glue pens and feather to design the masks and even the green and pink shredded tissue that came in the box Jake used on his too with his creative little mind!

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan BlogAlso included in the box was Confetti cannon and two Party Poppers lots of fun and made the afternoon fun especially now that they are on school holidays!

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

The Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box contains everything you need to have your own mini Rio-style celebration:

  • Bag of HARIBO Starmix Frenzy Carnival
  • Bag of HARIBO Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival
  • 4 carnival masks
  • A mix of colourful accessories for decoration
  • A Samba Shaker
  • A Confetti Cannon
  • Party Poppers
  • Limited edition HARIBO Frenzy Carnival Box with a special surprise

We are excited about the Rio Olympics that start on the 5th August we will be cheering team GB on.  We are looking forward to all the different sports from archery to weight lifting.  We have friends representing us in archery, so we will be glued to the television, hoping the aim straight at the gold!

Go Team Haribo and Team GB!!

Mummy H

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

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  1. tracy sinclair

    I am enjoying the Swimming as it is one of my favourite sports and something I love to do myself when I get the chance, great way to keep fit x

  2. Crystal Williams

    I love watching the gymnastics and all the effort that goes into their routines. 🙂

  3. leanne perrett

    i always love watching the athletics i always used to do high jump and long jump at school due to my height and still enjoy watching it

  4. Lynne OConnor

    Haven’t had a chance to watch much if it, but loved the diving, especially the synchronised dives

  5. Hannah

    I love the artistry and techniques of the gymnastics – especially the womens floor events.

  6. Kerry W

    The swimming events! Or anything that you can splash in!!

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