Win the Full Range of Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches


Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches

Babease Baby Plan Food Pouches Organic

“Babease make food for babies, not baby food!”
 This statement stood out to me as I am a mum wanting what’s best for our little ones.

I have always been wary about what I fed my two children when they were babies, such a tricky time when they are weaning, as I wanted what was best for them. I did try to cook most of my meals from scratch, but sometimes just having ready made baby food was just much more convenient, especially when dealing with older children at the same time! Having since discovered Babease, I wish I had found them much sooner!

Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches

Their products are designed to be both nutritious and kind to young tummies with all the tastes and textures to keep little mouths interested. All of their recipes are vegetable-led and Babease focus on using premium organic ingredients in every pouch to help make sure your little ones get all the goodness they need. They have included some ingredients never used before in the baby food market – gentle on little tummies and wonderful for taste buds to help you baby to develop a broad palette. Babease try to source ingredients from the UK where possible but for some ingredients, like the coconut water, they have to go to sunnier climates!

Babease Baby Plan Food Pouches Organic

My Thoughts

I like that each pouch clearly displays what is inside helping mums and dads make informed and easy choices, they list out all of the recipe ingredients clearly on the front and back of pack. Simpy twist the top and squeeze into a bowl, can be eaten cold or warmed up too!

Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches

The prices of pouches are £1.19-£1.49 which I believe to be very reasonable for what you are getting! The ranges available are suitable for babies aged 6 months+ and also 7 months+.
You can see more of the range on the Babease website.

Every ingredient used for a reason

Stage 1 – for babies aged 6 months+

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Cauliflower

Butternut Squash Carrot & Broccoli

Pumpkin & Pea

Sweet Potato, Pear, with Coconut Water, Brown Rice & Quinoa

Banana, Pear & Blueberry with Brown Rice

Pear & Mixed Berries, with Coconut Water, Brown Rice & Quinoa

Stage 2 – for babies aged 7 months +

Sweet Potato, Tomato, Carrot & Quinoa with Chickpeas & Cumin

Butternut Squash, Quinoa & Beetroot with Onion & Sage

Chickpea, Pumpkin, Tomato & Coconut Cream with Herbs & Mild Masala

Broccoli, Parsnip & Lentils with Onion, Fennel, Tomato & Herbs

Brown Rice, Swede, Courgette & Kale with Onion, Garlic & Thyme

So as Grace and Jake are older for baby food now, my friend and Baby Oscar trialed this! Well what can they say, Mummy A and Baby Oscar really loved it and he actually whinged because there was nothing left and wanted more. The different ingredients in the pouches were very appealing as a mum and wanting what was best for baby Oscar.

Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches

Mummy A really loved that there was a variety of new ingredients in each pouch which differs to other brands on the supermarket shelf, and Baby Oscar loved it and it was really tasty, yes Mummy A tried it herself too!

This hamper was really good for Baby Oscar with him being the perfect age of 7 months. I like that there are a wide variety of different pouches that are available so you can broaden your child’s taste buds with the many different flavors for you to help wean your child.
So the statement “We make food for babies, not baby food” really is true to its words.

Where Can I Buy?

You can purchase Babease Baby Food pouches from Tesco, Boots, Ocado, Booths, The People’s Sumpermarket, Natural Healthbox and Amazon

How did you find weaning your little one. Are they a fussy eater or will they eat almost anything you put in front of them, do let us know.


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97 Thoughts to “Win the Full Range of Babease Organic Baby Food Pouches”

  1. jacqui rushton

    Loves apple puree, hates spaghetti bolognese!

  2. natalee gosiewski

    my baby hated baby rice and is not keen on jars i have to make things from scratch with vegtables


    Grandson loves his strawberries, he hates cauliflower cheese

  4. Jill Fairbanks

    My sons favourite fruit is strawberry

  5. Dale Dow

    loves chocolate pudding, hates beetroot

  6. Emma Louise Elliott

    My daughter absolutely loves cheese but doesn’t like pineapple xxx

  7. Hayley Todd

    My daughters favourite food is Spaghetti Bol, but she absolutely hates anything with banana in!


    My son loves chips but dislikes all greens!!

  9. hayley pemberton

    her favourite is spaghetti bolgnaise. her least favourite is rice

  10. Steph Alonwy

    My daughter’s favourite fruit is pear. Her least favourite food varies but the majority of the time she dislikes mushroom

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