Win a SafeTOTS Baby Gate Giveaway worth £27.99

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SafeTOTS have a wide range of safety equipment from door & window locks to smoke alarms & fire extinguishers, but today we are concentrating on their range of baby gates.

Baby gates are an absolute must for when your little ones starts to get active! From attempting the mountain climb of stairs, or protecting them from the cooker that is on!


Babies and children can be sneaky and quiet so could turn your back and them be close to the cooker, so it is great to have the baby gate at the kitchen door for child safety.

Having them on the top of the stairs is great just to stop any unwanted tumbles down! Peace of mind for any parent.

You can see more of their baby gates & other safety items on their website

SafeTots have been kind enough to offer us a self closing baby gate in white in the standard size of 75cm-82cm worth £27.99

You can purchase this baby gate on Amazon

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Mummy H

SafeTOTs asked us to review their products, we have not received any money or other goods to do this.  Our opinions are in no way swayed by this it. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings

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199 Thoughts to “Win a SafeTOTS Baby Gate Giveaway worth £27.99”

  1. jessica cook

    stair gates are a god send in the bathroom and kitchen

  2. fionajk42

    use toddler-proof latches on cupboard doors, especially any cupboard where cleaning products are kept

  3. Angela Morgan

    Stops unnecessary accidents

  4. caitlinsmummy06

    Stair gates at top and bottom of stairs!

    1. caitlinsmummy06

      should have added my name on rafflecopter is gemma clark

  5. claire fawkner

    Stair gates are a necessity

  6. Pauline Burroughs

    Use a safety gate to keep little ones out of the kitchen while you’re cooking

  7. Kamila

    I think most important for our children safety is teach them how to behave in situation which can be potentially danger, ex. ask them to stop and wait before they cross the road and explain them why every single time we are crossing the road until it will become their habit.

  8. Emma

    Use safety gates into the kitchen and at both ends of the stairs

  9. Soo Moon

    Always have a safety gate at the top & bottom of the stairs

  10. Lucy Wilson

    use door guards so they do not slam shut on fingers

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