Giveaway: Win a Hamper of Mini Games with University Games

Win a Hamper of Mini Games with University Games

We all know the words “Are we nearly there yet?” coming from the back seat where the kids are when travelling either on holiday or to visit family and friends. To stop this – or at least hold it at bay for a longer time we have teamed up with University Games to give you the chance to win a ‘Mini Games’ hamper!

Great for travelling with the kids by car, train or plane! There is endless hours of fun to be had and with games from Pointless to Smart Ass, there is a game for everyone!

Also with no board games include, it is the perfect size to fit in your bag or rucksack!

I always have games and activities in Jake and Grace’s travel bags when we are travelling down to see Nanna Jane and Grand Dad Al, they are essential. We often travel by train to their and it does take a few hours. I always book a seat with a table then we can have cars and doll out, a game of cards or a good travel game to keep them occupied.

I have to admit they are good travelers and really don’t say the dreaded saying until about the last half hour or so. We even went to France a couple of years ago and we went in the car with Nanna and Grand Dad and they where fantastic. That included stop overs and long days getting to our destination. I really felt very proud of them.

Mummy H


University Games have kindly offered us a bundle of Mini Games for you to win.

If you would like a chance to win, just enter the rafflecopter giveaway form below.

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The mandatory question is “ What is your favourite game to play when travelling and why?”

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Good Luck!

226 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Win a Hamper of Mini Games with University Games”

  1. Fiona Johnstone

    We play all different card games. Our favourite is probably Knock out whist.

  2. Sarah Biles

    I love playing a game where you can make words from other people’s number plates

  3. sharon martin

    a pack of cards as you can play many great games and they take up little room

  4. Emma Davison

    I spy. It is fun and you can play it anywhere

  5. Thomas Perry

    Yahtzee is our fave we are super competitive with each other. I am the Yahtzee King

  6. Sammy (@SammyHamster_)

    I love playing I Spy, Snap and travel Snakes and Ladders!

  7. Mark Allen

    A deck of cards has so many games to play for a different number of people, including just one person.

  8. Simone Griffin

    As long as we’re not on a motorway we love to play the arms and legs (of a pub) game – you get a point for the name each pub you go past with arms and legs x

  9. Lucy Carter

    We play ‘pub cricket’ while on car journeys, it encourages the children to be observant!

  10. Samantha O'D

    Cant beat a game of I Spy when on the road

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