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WIN £500 A DAY!

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Do You Know You Can Win £500 a Day with No Catch With the Pic- I can hear you saying but there is always a catch, well with Pick My Postcode there isn’t.

What is Pick My Postcode?

It’s a lottery but you don’t have to buy tickets. You just enter your postcode and if it is drawn you win money.

Every day the site gives away £500 to one lucky postcode for nothing, FREE, GRATIS, how ever you want to say it it’s FREE

Now I’ve got your attention I’ll tell you a bit more, Chris who started the site offering £10 a day to the lucky postcode winner, this has steadily increased especially this last 18 months to £500 a day & if no one claims it roles over. At the beginning of May 2018 the name was changed from Free Postcode Lottery to Pick My Postcode. But it’s still FREE to play

Honestly there is no catch, you just call in once a day after mid day & see if your postcode has been generated & if it has well BINGO you are a winner.

With Survey and Video draws at noon every day giving you more chances of winning.

Also Chris has another mini draw at 6pm where another postcode is drawn & you could win £100.

Still not convinced? Well he’s even giving us a new chance to win called “Stackpots” where every day at 9am & 9pm postcodes are drawn & you could win £10.

Have I mentioned it’s FREE

Still not sure?

The site runs on the adverts. The advertisers pay to promote their goods on the site and that is what generates the funding for the site.

All for simply registering your email address, that isn’t passed on to anybody.

All I need now is a nice Northern postcode to come out!  Good luck to you & me.

Interested, well what are you waiting for!! You can join here Pick My Postcode.

Grandad Al

I’ve not been paid for this post, just want to let you in on the secret.  I am no way involved in the site other than I have my post code entered & I get 1p referral bonus added to my account.  You can get the same by letting others into the secret.


3 Thoughts to “Win £500 a Day with Pick My Postcode”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    I do like that site. I hope this new name works out for them.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      It’s terrible what is going on for Chris and the gang, so this is my way of showing I support them too. xx

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Go on then too good to miss out on – here’s hoping im lucky

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