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Buying for a child’s birthday? or Christmas (dare I say)? You have heard many times ‘Oh, I don’t know what to buy so and so, I’m struggling… really no idea what to buy kids these days’. Then Wicked Uncle is the only website  you need!

It’s aimed at adults like me, who don’t have kids and have no idea what kids like, this website will guide you through the whole process. As an older brother in my 20’s, I have found that Wicked Uncle is a really great website to use for buying things for my younger siblings and nephew.  Buying a toy or game for them has always been a nightmare for me, I always struggled what to buy!Wicked Uncle Family Clan Blog

I found it simple to use from looking, selecting and finally buying. Really easy steps to use from going from one thing to the next in a painless process..
Select the child’s gender you are buying for, then their age. It has already pre-selected pages full of toys/activities suited for the child you are buying for. A wide range of prices from pocket money type toys to more of an investment. I’ve even found quite a few I wouldn’t mind myself!

add cardYou can even get them gift wrapped to the design of you choice – another thing I’m absolutely useless at – and include a birthday card – something I often forget.

I’m always buying them a present that either they already have, is totally unsuitable or someone else turns up with the same thing. One thing I would like to add, that many of the toys that are on the website aren’t the ‘usual’ that a child would ask for, that doesn’t mean not wanted, just something a bit different than the norm.  I would say, more than likely, something that a child doesn’t already have, always a bonus.  But now I’ve found Wicked Uncle, I’ll be able to get them something perfect for them, no more embarrassing turning up at parties for me.

I hear all the time from my friends ‘I don’t know what to get this year now they are turning…’ the Wicked Uncle will help you and brings up so much choice and make that decision so much easier.

I now know I won’t be buying them any more awful and unsuitable presents any more.

The following day I was sent an email with my tracking details, which was super easy as they added the link for me to instantly track my parcel. Where as some other sites I find would send you your tracking number and you would then have to find the courier site to track from so this made things so much easier. My purchase was then delivered the following day from receiving my tracking email and to add to the positives I even received a text message from Royal Mail the morning of the delivery to expect that day. Excellent service

With Jake and Grace’s birthdays just around the corner all I can say is, thanks Wicked Uncle for coming to my rescue, I’ll definitely be telling all my friends about you.


I ordered for Grace:-
Melissa & Doug Magnetic dress-up horse.

Wicked Uncle Family Clan Blog

Unsure really what to choose and myself not being the best at buying presents, seems she is fast approaching 3 years in October. I went on the website and selected the ‘Girls’ & ‘Age 3’ which then came Wicked Uncle Family Clan Blogup with a large variety of creativity/adventurer/Wicked Fun/Snuggly/Outdoorsy/Creativity/ Books & Games/ Role Play… such a big selection. You can view altogether or narrow it down by clicking one of the categories to suit the child you are looking for. I know that Grace loves being inventive and crafty so when I seen this dress-up horse I knew she would love this as she is really into pony/horses after having a ride on a few on days out and loving pony cartoons on TV.
The set includes 55 pieces and suited age 3+. Presented neatly in its own wooden box with different compartments for the different parts.
The set consists of Magnet Pony, saddles, tails, heads foot wear, flowers, bows and rosette to change and adjust as many times as you like. When you have finished there is even a horse stand to present your completed horse, which is then suitable to have in the room as an ornament just so the child can see their own design on display
This has been well loved by both Jake (5) and Grace and I believe that this was a great choice that was picked by the help of Wicked Uncle making me a real hit to be the Wicked Big Brother this time!
Available to buy for £12.50 here

Meadow Kids – Giant Box of Stencils
Grace loves to be creative and is always asking for some paper to color in, so I knew that this would be a perfect for her especially when the sub title said ‘With over 150 stencil shapes, the fun designs include everything from letters and numbers to princesses, ballerinas, butterflies’. This grabbed me as she just loves being ‘Princess Grace’ and is always asking me to help her do her ‘Princess Twirl’ with her. She also loves spotting butterflies in the garden.
We like how it is all nicely presented in its own box with all the stencils and paper stacked neatly to fit in the middle.
14017823_10157268000070023_1687520499_n 14017824_10157268000050023_1403412145_n
The set includes 5 durable plastic stencils, 6 coloring pencils, 1 pencil sharpener, 20 sheets of paper
This is really nice to give as a gift to a child any age 3+ and Jake loved to do this too, he wrote his name in the letter stencils and absolutely loved coloring in the flower with different color petals letting his imagination wonder. I liked that when we were finished everything was easily put back in the box and no loose bits hanging around
Available to buy for £12.95

I ordered for Jake
Melissa & Doug Construction Set
Wicked Uncle Family Clan BlogKnowing that Jake is fab at making things from building bricks and Lego and he has always been Wicked Uncle Family Clan Bloginterested in how things work from a very young age. So I selected from the website ‘boys’ and ‘age 6’ and ‘creativity’. A full page of things that I know he would instantly love. When I saw the Wooden Construction Set, I knew this was for him as there is a few different designs that he will be able to make from the set and a crane being one of them. He always loved cranes and how they work, so I knew that this was the one for him!
Suitable for age 4+ the set is bright in colors with the set including nuts, bolts, drilled, bars and a wooden screwdriver. All the parts are presented nicely in its own wooden storage box with instructions to build a crane, motorcycle, airplane, and racing car on the reverse of the box.
When it arrived, we opened it together, Jake was very excited. Of course, as I thought he wanted to create the crane first, so we used the instructions that are on the bottom of the box to help us make the crane, Jake and I had real good quality time together building this and he has not put it down since, but his next build he wants to build the airplane available to buy for £16.95 here

Wicked Uncle Family Clan BlogWicked Uncle Family Clan Blog

I’m really impressed at the quality of all the items I have received from Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle gave us some money to spend on their site in exchange for this post, but our opinions are our own.

10 Thoughts to “Wicked Uncle – Present Choosing Made Easier”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Already been looking for christmas 2019 – they have something for everyome

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    Wow looks great. Need to take a look

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Been here again for my nephews birthday
    Really is a great site

  4. Samantha O'D

    Eeeek not the C word already! hehe some great gift ideas here

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Had a chance to look at this and it’s a fabulous site
    Definately one id use

  6. Bev

    What a great service! I struggle buying for older child relatives as I haven’t a clue what ten year olds want so will definitely bookmark wicked uncle!

  7. Maya Russell

    I have used Wicked Uncle loads of times as they help with deciding what to get someone. Kids can be difficult especially those that have loads of things.

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Glad to hear you found them as useful as Conar. x Jane

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    This sounds right up my street
    Often I’m at a loss at what to buy
    Going to look at this site

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Conar was really impressed by them, glad to know they could help you out too. x Jane

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