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Who’s That Girl

The Ultimate New Beauty Range for Fashionable Young Tweens.

Who's That Girl review by Family Clan 2# 

Who’s That Girl™ is the ultimate toy range of beauty-led fun for young tweens who know their Zoella’s from their Urban Decay. Now you can follow the hottest trends and create fun looks just like your favourite beauty stars with the Who’s That Girl ‘cosmetics’!

From glitter nails and colour streak hair to mood lips and more, Who’s That Girl allows you to create fun beauty looks that express your personality. Mix and match all their products to create a head-turning style all your own, leaving everyone around asking – who’s that girl?!

We have been super lucky enough to get our hands on three of these sets to review. Grace was super excited to get these open as she is the ultimate girly girl and always wanting make up on, nails polished, and not to forget her Disney Frozen perfume.

Who's That Girl review by Family Clan 2#


Add some festival sparkle to your hair with Glitter Roots! Their one-step glitter gel goes on easily with a simple applicator to make sure you sparkle and slay all day. That means no mess and easy clean up!

This product is best used on a parting to show off the glam look better, so I plaited Graces hair into two leaving a long parting down the back. Now the fun began, simply dip your applicator into the Glitter Roots and apply onto her hair.

You can mix and match different colours to update your style every day. Also included within our pack was also a small Glitter Roots gel and applicator keychain to use on your Who’s That Girl Dollface or simply to take with you for style updates on the go!

Collect all the colours and get kaleidoscopic with Unicorn Queen, Mermaid Sparkle and Rainbow Party. For ages 6+.

Simply wash the hair normally for the Glitter Roots to come off.


Who's That Girl review by Family Clan 2#

Read my lips to know my mood with Mood LipsMood Lips is a clear lipstick with a hidden surprise. When applied, the clear lip tint changes to match your mood!

Use it to add a personal touch to your everyday look and see how it reacts differently with you and your friends! You can try all the different colours to experiment with your style.

This is completely magic, Grace loves this, she puts it on her lips and she gets bright pink, but when she applied it on me it was light pink. But the lipstick is orange, so she thinks this is magic!

Also included within this pack is a small keychain Mood Lips to use on your Dollface and to carry with you for styling on the go! Mood Lips come in Rose Goals, Violet Vibes and Candy Apple. For ages 6+.


Add some flair to your look with washable beauty tattoos in cute shapes.  Mix and match beauty marks to stand out and use on your Dollface too.

Who's That Girl review by Family Clan 2#

Make your own mark with the Heart, Moon and Star stamper pens, and 1 sheet of metallic freckle tattoos

Additionally, Grace liked the idea of using these tattoo pens to make awesome tattoos on her arm too. For ages 6+.

Who’s That Girl is available from Smyths, Argos, The Entertainer, Amazon website and all good independent toy retailers.

Mummy H and Grace


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