Whiskers Comes to Stay

Jake had the privilege of bringing home the pretend cat Whiskers from nursery school for the night before we finished for the summer break. We had to feed him his special food; Whiskers also had milk & biscuits at the bedtime, like Jake always has. They both enjoyed it.Family Clan Blog Whiskers Comes to Stay

Whiskers came with his own set of equipment that included a stethoscope in case he was poorly. Jake made sure he was fed, had a drink & even check his health out, by listening to his heart beat, before they went to bed.

Jake reported the next morning, that Whiskers was naughty & had woken him up in the night. It was lovely for him to share his time with Whiskers with all of his other class friends at Nursery, when he went back in the following afternoon.

Of course the exercise is to help them understand that you have to care for your pets /sibling. As Jake is a caring big brother to Grace, he already had a head start, but it was still worth while him doing this.

He’s going to miss Nursery when he starts “big school” in September.  I still find it hard that my little boy is old enough to go to school. I’m going to miss him & so is Grace she loves having he big brother around to play with, after the summer break where he has been there every day it will be very strange for her too.

Mummy H

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2 Thoughts to “Whiskers Comes to Stay”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Adorable – the picture says it all – HAPPY days

  2. Martina Evans

    Oh how sweet! At my daughters nursery you can take pigsy the pig home if you’ve been really good!

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