Westlife – The Twenty Tour

Westlife – The Twenty Tour 

Westlife are BACK! and touring around the UK and Europe, they are bigger than ever.

I am a MASSIVE fan of Westlife so when I heard they were coming back I was ecstatic.. The tickets purchased right as soon as they were released.

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

I attended Utilita Arena, Newcastle venue and Westlife had two support acts The Rua and Keelie Walker.

The RUA Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

The Rua

The Rua who are a family pop, rock band that consists of two sisters and a brother from Windsor. Roseanna she is the lead vocalist and guitar player, Alanna plays piano and the backing vocalist and Jonathan plays violin, guitar and sings. They’ve been around since 2013, and like most people like myself have never heard of them. They sang some of their songs such as “Without You” “All I Ever Wanted” and their newest song “Gasoline“. Something I didn’t know about this group, all three have appeared in the Harry Potter films.

Keelie Walker Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

Keelie Walker

Keelie Walker who is a very young lady, at just 15 years old Keelie from Nashville has not only supported Westlife with their Twenty Tour this year, but she has also toured with Jason Derulo last year. She sang beautifully, put a lovely routine together, singing “Loud“, “Hit Me Up” and her new single “This Is What It’s Like” which is coming out in July this year.

In my honest opinion, I felt a little sad for both support acts, they were actually great bands however The Utilita Arena kept the house lights up and because they are only support acts and not very well know, when they asked us all to join in such a clapping your hands only a selection of us joined in.

I wish them both the best of luck in the future.

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

Anyway, back to Westlife.

Lights down and the excitement level went up. Its time, the wait is finally over.

Westlife pop up on the big screen singing ”Swear it all over again‘ as the intro getting everyone excited and screaming.

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

A big puff of smoke along with confetti up pop Westlife and they sing one of their brand new song ”Hello my Love” with the crowed going crazy as you can imagine.

Throughout the show Westlife would talk to the crowd telling us how they all got together for a chat about getting together for this tour after 10 years of being away. With a great team behind them, they began to plan this ” The Twenty Tour” They named it this to celebrate being together for 20 whole years!

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

The Tour Songs

Here are the songs they sang through out the evening.

“Swear It Again”
“What About Now”
“My Love”
“When You’re Looking Like That” – when they sang this song they looked like the had Captain America’s shield and was singing into them while dancing and letting them go as they danced around the stage.
“Uptown Girl”
“If I Let You Go” – When they sang this song, they did a lovely personalised touch. In the background of this song they had lots of other video’s playing to show how much they have growing over the years.
“Better Man”
Queen Medley” (Another One Bites the Dust, Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free, Somebody to Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions).

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

Westlife are well known for standing for the key change so while they went down Memory Lane they did a medley of songs such as I Have a Dream, Unbreakable, Fool Again and Queen of My Heart sitting on stools.

Nicky noticed that a lady on the front row had been on her phone for most the night, before they began to sing again, Nicky asked if he could have her phone and ring the last person she had being talking though through-out the night. The lady give him her phone while laughing and Nicky looked at her phone list asking the crowd if he should ring her boyfriend ”YESSS’ we all shouted and he rang, with no answer from the boyfriend Nicky took a selfie of them and the crowd and handed the phone back. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if he asked me for mine!

Ending the night with these amazing songs, I couldn’t think of a better way to end such a fantastic night.

Emma Westlife 31st May 2019 Family Clan

What Makes a Man“, “You Raise Me Up” teasing the crowd Westlife thanked us for such an amazing response to them announcing they were coming back on tour and that there new album ”Spectrum” will be out later this year which I for sure will be buying then they left the stage leaving everyone devastated we all began to shout ”we want more”

Flying Without Wings” is one of mine and Daddy S favourite songs and very special to his heart. “World of Our Own

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

Me, my friend and Auntie danced the whole night away and sang our little heart out. We was all so sad when the night ended, we had the BEST night ever and I even lost my voice. I can’t possible wait another year for them to come back.

Westlife - The Twenty Tour Review Family Clan

I have already booked to see them in my local cinema on the 6th of July. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. They are broadcasting live in cinemas across the UK, Ireland and Europe on the 6th July.

You can find out more details on the Westlife website.

Do I recommend you going to the Westlife The Twenty Tour – Hell yes, make sure you dance and sing your heart out along with all the other fans there like I did.

Mummy E

This is a review of the Westlife The Twenty Tour. I paid for my own ticket and am in no way connected to Westlife (sadly but if you know Nicky I’ll let you pass my phone number on!)  I just wanted to share with you my fun night out.

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    What wonderful time you had! I do like West life. Lovely photos too!

  2. susan smith

    We are booked to see Westlife in Norwich, i am so looking forward to it, i do love their music, glad you had such a good time, after reading this, im looking forward to seeing them live more

  3. Charles Fletcher

    Sounds like a great night.

  4. fionajk42

    It sounds as if you all had a great night out.

  5. Alice Colling

    Sounds like an amazing night!

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    What a joy for you all – some of our family went too – said it was great

  7. Laura Wheatley

    My Mother in Law went to see them earlier in the week and absolutely loved it. I was more of a Boyzone girl lol

  8. Kathryn Hipkin

    Looks great fun. I haven’t been to a concert for ages!

  9. A S,Edinburgh

    I’m so glad you all had such a great time!

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