Well I’ve got the date ………!!

Well I have got the of my knee operation through the post,, Friday 11th July.

I’m due to have an arthroscopy & a repair to a tear in the meniscus too.

We was going to go our for a family meal on the Saturday 12th July to celebrate Granddad Al & my Silver Wedding Anniversary, but we’ve brought it forwards a week to the 5th.

Am I scared, you bet. I’ve only ever been into hospitals to give birth or when I’ve had a serious chest infection that led to a scary asthma attack.  Mr Hemmady my consultant at the hospital did tell me that this could make it worse & offered me the chance to have a Cortisone injection, but to be honest I’ve been suffering with this knee pain for almost 18 months & lately it is as bad as when I initially damaged it. So I decided to be brave (or stupid), took a deep breath & said I’d have the operation.

I’m a complete wuzz, but keep thinking of all those children that have had 10, 20 operations in their lives & how brave they are, so me as a grown up & understanding what will happen, should have no worries.

It is only going to be keyhole surgery & I should be out of the hospital with in a couple of hours, but obviously I’m not allowed to drive so my Granddad Al will have to be my taxi as usual.

Every time I think of it coming up my stomach drops & my heart goes into my mouth, you know what I mean.  The nearer it gets the worse I will be. I’m a chicken & I know it.  Also not keen on blood at all! Even just a nose bleed makes me go all wobbly.

I’ve got my pre-op appointment actually on our Anniversary, so I think we might just treat ourselves to dinner out after that.  There is a nice little 2 for £10 pub/restaurant not far from the hospital.

Nanna Jane

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