Well I had the date but………..

A Change of Dates

Well I had the date for me knee operation, which if you read my posts about my arthroscopy you would have known it was to be in the morning.

I had a phone call just after lunch today informing me that my consultant had had to cancel, I don’t know if I was relieved or upset.  I’ve been up since half past two this morning panicking, poor Granddad Al was getting his head bit off every time he spoke to me, with a swift apology following it.

I went for my MRSA & pre-op on Monday & everything was fine with that.  I’m having it done in a small hospital & it seems some of the nurses have called in sick & no agency nurses of the right level couldn’t be hired in time.

Then within the hour the hospital was back onto me telling me they have re-booked me for next Friday, I have to be in for 11am, with the Arthrosopy & the repair to a tear in my meniscus, taking place at noon. So another whole week to panic!

But it does mean I can take Mum out on her 83rd birthday for a nice meal.  So a silver lining after all.

Family Clan
Family Clan

Have you had anything cancelled at the last minute that you was either dreading or looking forward to?

Nanna Jane

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