Website Problems – Apologies


You may have noticed that we have been having problems with the website over the past couple of weeks. I thought it would be a good idea to move to a cheaper hosting site – oh how I wish I could take that back.

Poor Granddad Al has been working on fixing the site in all his spare time.  We changed to one host and within two minutes we had been hacked and a large amount of extra pages had been added with content that certainly isn’t family friendly! Hopefully Al got to it before anyone opened the pages. After telling the host about this in email it was apparently our fault.  We hadn’t been hacked since changing to GoDaddy hosting back in September 2014, but it was still our fault! hmmmmmm.

Anyhow to cut a long story short five hostings later we have settled on this new one which, fingers crossed, has been great.

So our apologies if you have found the site down, working weird etc. but we are now back and soon we will be having a major over haul with a new theme.  We will be having a new big relaunch for our new look. We just have to decide on a theme easier said than done.

Our giveaways are still running, so go check them out.

If you spot anything broken with the website then send us a message either in an via our contact page or a comment.

Thanks for standing by us.

Nanna Jane

One Thought to “Website Problems – Apologies”

  1. Spencer Broadley

    I had noticed that your site wasn’t as normal. I never saw any “dodgy” posts though, just sometimes links weren’t working or it was slow!!
    I hope that you have managed to settle into a new server now and I will let you know if I spot any problems. You have always had great posts and competitions that I enjoy reading and entering, so please keep up the good work 🙂

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