Water Meter Review Update after 6 Months Use

Water Usage with our Meter

Just a quick update of water usage & charges after our water meter installment 6 months ago, we were originally paying£47.20 per month so decided to use the water meter usage calculator on the United Utilities website to see if there would be any savings. The new payment would be £31.11 per month making a saving £16.09  😉

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Water Charges

Our usage since August is 9 cubic metres of water at £1.750 per cubic metre (£15.75 cost) and there is a standing charge of £34.79 per year

Wastewater Charges

Standing Charge £7.04 per year

Sewer Volume Charge £1.182 per cubic metre (9 cubic metres = £10.64)

Surface Water/Highway Drainage £91.20 per year

We are now in credit by £99.51 (over payment) and our new payment plan will be reduced in March to £4.62 per month to Feb 17

What do you get for 1 cubic metre of water

To give you an idea of where your water goes 1 cubic metre (1000 litres)would give you all of the following.

This will vary depending on your personal circumstances and usage. ·

1 bath (77 litres)

3 washing machine loads (213 litres)

6 showers (216 litres)

32 toilet flushes (288 litres)

49 cups of tea or coffee (12 litres)

3 dishwasher loads (45 litres)

and · Other general use (149 litres)

Water Meter Summary

Before:(without meter)  £47.20 x 12 months = £566.40 per year rateable value

After: (with meter) Forecast £186.09 for next 12 months (minus £99.51 credit) £86.58 to pay in installments over year.

Yearly saving with a water meter £380.30

Needless to say we are very happy with the water meter savings 😉

Is A Water Meter Right For You

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  1. wendy malone

    Ive never had a water meter, i would get rid of it.I remember when we didnt pay for water.another tory scandel join the list.

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