GIVEAWAY: VASO Reuasble Glass Straws Review

VASO Glass Straws Review by Family Clan

VASO Reuasble Glass Straws

We all know we should be using less single use plastic, in fact using less plastic overall, so when VASO asked if we would be interested in reviewing their premium glass straws it was a no brainer to say yes.

They come in three sizes, 15cm, 20cm and 23cm. Depending on your choice of beverage and the container it is in. The range of glass straws have been designed with a 9mm diameter so that they are suitable for a variety of drinks and glass size.

VASO Glass Straws Review by Family Clan

The mixed pack of VASO’s premium glass straws offers you the choice of 4 straws of any length. Simply select an option of which mixed size of glass straws that you would like. Each straw features a clear glass body, rounded tips, a 1.5mm thick wall and a printed logo. The straws are produced with German engineered glass which delivers a strong, fully recyclable product that is BPA free and contains no plastics, toxins or mineral oils. This also provides a pure taste whilst, unaffected by chemicals that may be present in other straws available on the market.

Even the packaging is fully recyclable and features an inlay which securely holds the straws and cover sleeve,  which makes each pack ideal to be given as a gift.

VASO Glass Straws Review by Family Clan


From smoothies to water the straws will deliver a great experience. You could even take it with you and use it next time you get a fast food meal and drink.  McDonald’s have changed their straws to paper recently, which doesn’t sit well with their milkshakes in my opinion, so I swapped paper straw to one of my glass ones and voila!

You can get a pack of four straws with an introductory offer price of just £11.99 including free delivery. More information is available from the VASO Glass Straws website


The lovely people over as VASO have offered us one (1) mixed pack of 2 x 150mm and 2 x 230mm glass straws to win.  Perfect for you to try them out.

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    I have an apple juice addiction x

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    I really love a refreshing stella lager or other lager.

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    I am a fan of water really , sometimes ill add peach squash .

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    My favourite drink is a gin and tonic with a large squeeze lemon and lots of ice!

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