Unboxing Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Unboxing Pop Pop Hair Surprise

Combining surprise unboxing with hair style play, Pop Pop Hair Surprise is set to delight everyone just in time for Christmas with their colourful and adorable sets to collect.

Pop pop hair surprise review by Family Clan

With plenty of surprises hidden inside, children can enjoy unravelling the layers to discover which poppin’ characters and accessories they’ve collected.

Grace could not wait to see what she was going to reveal!

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review by Family Clan

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is the 3-in-1 surprise ready to pop. Each comes in an adorable pop brush that really brushes hair! The brush handle twists off to become a spray bottle. Open the brush to reveal the pop pod inside.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review by Family Clan 2 - Copy

With the new Pop Pop Hair Surprise it is like un-boxing in a totally unique way – By using the spray bottle to spray the pop pod until.. Pop! The pod pops open to reveal a pop roller with beautiful hair.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review Family Clan

Unwrap and pop open the roller to reveal a pop hair pet, an adorable collectable character with extra-long brushable hair in so many stunning colours and styles.

Grace couldn’t wait to see what she would discover in hers, and we were even lucky enough to find the rare lucky twins!

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review by Family Clan 2

You can brush and style the Pop Pop Hair Surprise’s pet’s hair with and I must say their hair is super super soft like candy floss!

Within each Pop Pop Hair Surprise we discovered that they also included hair accessories such as clips/bobbles.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review Family Clan

So using the included bands you can add pop hair pets into your own hair as an accessory. Although they are bobbles we received Grace wanted them on either side of her head, and seems she was sporting a pony tail that day so we clipped them in.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise Review Family Clan

There are over 8 ways to play, and pop hair pets even become pencil toppers.

Which will you find; girly Q, disco ‘do, pretty in punk, or bed head? Look for the ultra-rare twins! Get a pop of fabulous hair and a pop of surprise with pop pop hair surprise.

You can find Pop Pop Hair Surprise at all major toy stores and the Amazon Website.

Mummy H & Grace

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6 Thoughts to “Unboxing Pop Pop Hair Surprise”

  1. fionajk42

    I think my granddaughter would like these as she loves combing the hair on her dolls and ponies.

  2. susan smith

    Oh wow, these are something our youngster would definitely like and collect

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    These are so so cute – will be a massive hit with all the family

  4. Jayne Townson

    How lovely, these would make perfect stocking fillers.

  5. Susan B

    A really lovely toy. The girls always love combing the hair on their dolls. What fun to be able to clip it on their own hair, too.

  6. Sharon Freemantle

    This is definitely something that Ava would love

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