Ultimate Spy Bag by Project Mc2

Ultimate Spy Bag by Project Mc2

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Investigate in style with this amazing gadget, the Ultimate Spy Bag – as worn by culinary chemist Adrienne Attoms in the Netflix show. Opening up to reveal a forensic fingerprinting kit, the bag contains an air blower disguised as a perfume bottle, a magnifying glass hidden in a make-up compact, a torch hidden in a nail polish bottle, test tubes, secret messages and much more.
Grace does love Project Mc2, after previously reviewing a bundle of their products which you can read read the reviews here.
This time we have been sent Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag. Grace had seen this already on the TV and already asked for it for her birthday, so when asked to review I said yes, of course!
She was so excited when she seen this ready for her one day after school.

Opening the Ultimate Spy Bag

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan
NOV8 is issuing the best of their top secret spy gadgets to new recruits. Investigate in style with spy gadgets in disguise! Use the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag on your secret missions, just like Adrienne Attoms in the Netflix original series. Prove you have what it takes to become a top NOV8 agent!
We opened this and couldn’t wait to get started. The whole set looks fabulous, and I love the look of the bag too from the outside.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan


Spy Bag
2 Flasks With Lids
Container of Dual Blush/Fingerprint Dust
Compact Powder Buff
Perfume Blower
Lipstick Launcher & Tube
2 Test Tubes With Lids
Test Tube Stand
Nail Polish Light
4 Fingerprint Cards
Experiment Booklet

We started by investigating fingerprints, we looked around wondering where best to find fingerprints. Of course, my tablet device, there is always fingerprints on that from Jake and Grace.

I asked Grace to see if she could find the finger prints and she spotted one of hers using the compact magnifying glass. Now using the fingerprint dust she sprinkled a small selection of this over the finger print.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Now all we needed to do now was use the perfume blower to blow the powder away, and it really worked. I didn’t think it would on a screen such as a tablet.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Once the fingerprint is revealed in the dust we then needed to get some clear taps and press down on the print. I did this part as it would be a bit to tricky for Grace.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

We have had great fun gathering finger prints from around the house.

pssst the fingerprint powder doubles up at a blush so your forensic equipment is easily disguised.

Lipstick Launcher

The lipstick launcher, is a secret way to carry messages. you can write a note on a thin piece of paper slide it through the opening of the inner cartridge and wrap it around tightly. Now your message is wrapped you can disguise this message inside your lipstick.

Pushing your lipstick launcher into the base until it clicks, this now doubles up as a launcher. ready, aim & press the button on the launcher base to release your lipstick and secret message towards a friend.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Grace has enjoyed having this launcher, as it’s girly, all the launching toys we own are Jake’s boy toys. So she can now get him back, girl power style!

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan Flash Light

Also discreetly disguised within your spy bag, what looks like ordinary pink nail polish, is a flash light.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Twist the top of the nail polish off, and press and hold the button shine the bright light. This is has been a serious big hit with our Grace.

Project Mc2 Spy Bag review by Family Clan

Forensics is the use of science to investigate crimes and analyse evidence. Investigators use many different areas of science – including chemistry, biology, and physics – to help crack cases. Fingerprinting is one of the oldest methods they use. A fingerprint is created by the oil residue left by a person’s finger. Because the ridges on fingertips are unique to each person, studying the patterns left behind by a fingertip help investigators figure out the culprit!

Grace also had a great try at cracking this Mc2 code. She had only found this style coding in one of her Disney manuals last week, so set to it straight away. Cracking the puzzle that revealed ‘Pretty Brilliant’, and she agreed she was…  DIVA!

Our thoughts

This Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag has been a great hit, Grace loves the idea of having a ‘secret bag’ which is very girly! The design is beautifully striking.

We enjoyed carrying out the forensic fingerprint task and she’s got her nail polish flash light in her unicorn handbag for when she goes out!

Available to purchase from Smyths Website.

Mummy H & Grace

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10 Thoughts to “Ultimate Spy Bag by Project Mc2”

  1. debbieskerten

    I love this. Great fun. Grace for the next James Bond!

  2. Charles Fletcher

    This looks like a cool toy that children would love.

  3. Susan B

    It’s fab and good to know there is so much to it. I have never seen a toy that looks at fingerprints. Fascinating.

  4. gouldie7

    I love stuff like this for kids that gets them thinking, and gets their imaginations going!

  5. emma kinsey

    my daughter would love this too

  6. Alice Colling

    This is a great gift.

  7. Carol Thomas

    Cant wait for our granddaughter to be a little older to spoil her with gifts like these

  8. A S,Edinburgh

    What a wonderful set, so well-designed and educational.

  9. Laura Wheatley

    my 9yr old daughter would absolutely love this

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    It’s so cute – my neice will have great fun with this – love the fact they develop new skills too

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