Uggs Inspired Crochet Boots for Lilley Belle

Uggs Inspired Crochet Boots for 3-6 Months Family Clan

Uggs Inspired Crochet Boots for Lilley Belle

Mummy C loves her Uggs, she always wears them. She asked could I maybe try to make a miniature pair for Lilley Belle. Now that was a challenge!

I started off with the same sole as the Summer Sandals I made for her, but I only used one sole per foot as I knew I was going to try a new stitch – well a new one for me!.

I used DK acrylic wool, as I just know they will need a lot of washing!to the sole

Ugg Inspired Crochet Boots for 3-6 Months Family Clan
Using BPHDC around the edge of the sole.

I did the sole in a grey DK acrylic. The last row or round I did a back post double crochet, (BPHDC) all around so it would give a bit of definition to the sole. I’ve never tried this stitch before but I soon got to grips with it and I just know I will be using it in other patterns now. If I’m honest I’ve shied away from using it as I thought it would be difficult, but it was really easy. So not only did I make a pair of boots I learned a new stitch as well.

I actually did almost half a round in back post double crochet (BPDC), but it looked to big a stitch for such a small shoe. So I ripped it back and did the shorter stitch. I used a stitch marker at the beginning of each row so I knew where I started. This came in very handy on this row.

Ugg Inspired Crochet Boots for 3-6 Months Family Clan
Trying to do the decreases so there was no large holes!

I did a couple of rows in the light brown yarn before I started decreasing stitches. Using half double crochet two together (HDC2tog) and double crochet two together (DC2tog), until I felt I had got to where I felt it was decreased enough.

I then worked on the sides mainly in HDC. I did the first and last three stitches in single loop only so they could over lap.

Once I’d got to the height I wanted I ended with a single row of single crochet. This just tighten up the top of the boot. I added an outside row of fur like pair of real Uggs, but it just looked too much so I took it back off.

I crocheted a chain of 10 to make the button loop. I added the heart button, sewed in all my ends and I was finished.

Ugg Inspired Crochet Boots for 3-6 Months Family Clan

I worked on both boots at the same time as I was making up the pattern as I went. Sadly I didn’t write it all down, so I’m going to have to make another boot and try to remember what I did!

I hope she loves these Uggs inspired boots as much as I do.

What is on your hooks or needles at the moment I’d love to know.

Nanna Jane

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  1. Margaret gallagher

    So cute you’ve done a great job on these beauties

  2. Sidrah Ahmed

    This is amazing i would love to be able to make something like this

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    These are so cute! What a great talent!

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