Twisty Girlz: The Transforming Dolls

Twisty Girlz: The Transforming Dolls


Twisty Girlz are here, branching out from amazing Twisty Petz which are a firm favourite from Grace. These fashionable dolls transform from cute girl into a bracelet you can wear!

Introducing the newest way to twist: Twisty Girlz!

Each Twisty Girlz features a different stylish outfit and cool hairstyle and comes with a secret Twisty Pet too! Grace really couldn’t wait to open these, she actually wanted these for Christmas from Santa but luckily we were asked to review these and her face was a picture.

Twisty Girlz Review by Family Clan

I hid her two new Twisty Girlz friends around the house and let her find them, not actually knowing what she was looking for she was off to seek!

As you can see, it was fair to say Grace was thrilled bits to find her first Twisty Girlz and could not wait to find her next!

Twisty Girlz Review by Family Clan

Found you! Grace was so so happy, the excitement was amazing, so much joy!

Inside there is also a secret pet waiting to be unleashed from its own little pet box. But who were we going to reveal!?

Twisty Girlz Review by Family Clan

Hello everyone, we are Glitzy Bitzy and Krystal Kool with our pets

Twisty Girlz Review by Family Clan

There are 8 Twisty Girlz to collect and they transform from stylish doll to bracelet and back again! She’s the perfect trendy accessory!

With a few simple twists, your Twisty Girlz doll becomes a bracelet – the perfect accessory for any outfit! You can also transform the super cute pet into a blingy ring and connect your jewellery together with the leash!

Twisty Girls Review by Family Clan 9

Our Thoughts

These have been such a big hit with Grace, she has completely taken the dolls under her wing and calls them ‘her girls’ and even when she is at school I have to look after them for her.

Every Twisty Girlz doll comes with a super cute mystery pet – unicorn, elephant, puppy and more! Use the leash to connect your doll and pet or twist the pet into a blingy ring!

Add all of the Twisty Girlz (each sold separately) to your Twisty Petz collection, including rare and super rare! With different outfits and hairstyles, who will be your favourite? Twisty Girlz are suitable for ages 4 and over and I would definitely recommend them knowing how much Grace age 7, loved them!

Perfect for stocking fillers or for under the tree.

Twisty Girlz are available from Amazon website and other good toy stockists.

Mummy H & Grace

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8 Thoughts to “Twisty Girlz: The Transforming Dolls”

  1. Carly Belsey

    These are fantastic stocking fillers aren’t they, my daughter loves them.

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    My daughter is 8 and has one of these and loves it, going to get more for her for Christmas xx

  3. SarahJG

    Great gift idea

  4. Susie Wilkinson

    These look fun, they reminded me a bit of the spaghetti betty dolls!

  5. amyjomclellan

    I think I’d have loved these as a kid. They remind me of Betty Spaghetti.

  6. Jeanette Leighton

    These look fantastic my daughter would definitely love them

  7. Jo m welsh

    My daughter wants one of these for Christmas

  8. ashleigh allan

    These dolls look great – sure my niece would love this!

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