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Triominos De Lux review by Family Clan

Triominos De Luxe Gaming Fun

Triominos De Luxe is the fascinating game variation of the well-known game of dominos, but with triangular pieces, and what a great game it is I must say! I do love a normal game of dominos, but the new Triominos De Luxe from Ideal has taken over to be my favorite of the two!

What’s in the box

Triominos De Lux review by Family Clan

Inside the box reveals :-

4 Triomino holding stands

56 solid triangular tiles


On first opening I was very impressed with the quality of the Triominos, they are very high standard but as simple as you need them to be.



How to play Triominos De Luxe

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by joining your Triominos, the game is suitable for 2 to 4 players, so lots of fun to have.

You start by each selecting a single Triomino from the pile, who ever selects the Triomino with the highest total (by adding the three numbers together) will start the game.

Place all the Triominos face down and depending on the amount of players playing, you pick up your Triominos as required, 2 players you will need to pick up 9 Triominos to start, or if there are more players then you start with 7.

The player who had the highest total earlier begins by placing one of their Triominos down. Each subsequent player tries to put down one of their Triominos by matching and joining their own tile to the ones on the board. If you manage to join your Triomino you then score the amount of points presented on it.

Bonus points can be won by laying your pieces and making a ‘bridge’, a ‘hexagon’ or a ‘double hexagon’.

Triominos De Lux review by Family Clan

If you are unable to place a Triomino down, you must ‘buy’ a Triomino, you can then play this in the same turn. For every Triomino bought, you must subtract 5 points from your score.

If a player has placed down their last Triomino, this is then the ‘bell’ for the last round. This player scores a bonus 25 points, plus the total of the Triomonis that the other players still have in their possession. The player with the highest number of points is the winner!

Every Triomino is unique because it only occurs once in the game so it must be used wisely to gain an extra score. Who can score the highest number of points to be the winner?

Triominos De Lux review by Family Clan

Our Thoughts

Triominos De Luxe is a game which requires insight, strategy and logic, providing great fun for all the family! Although the game is aimed at age 6+, Grace is 4 and she loves it and know what to do, with a bit of guided help she is really good!

I would completely agree that this game is for the whole family, we have played with my children, myself and Nanna Jane, and each of us have had great enjoyment with the game from one to the next and is a game that I really can’t wait to play again.

Did you know that April 28th was National Table Top Day? We had a great day playing lots of games and having contests to see who would win overall through out the day. I’m pleased to say that I won, so surprised, but it was close with Jake. It really was a fun family day that I plan to repeat during the summer when we can play games in the garden. We played games to suit Jake and Grace during the day, then got the games more suited to us out at night, like Othello.

John Adams/Ideal Games do a great range of table top games for all the family to enjoy.

Triominos De Luxe is available to purchase from Amazon. I thought it was great fun and we’ve had some great games.

Mummy H


We have a lovely giveaway for you to win. John Adams Toys have kindly given you a selection of their quality board games to choose from either Triominos, Othello Classic or Rummikub (Links to reviews of the games to give you an informed choice).

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129 Thoughts to “Giveaway: Triominos De Luxe Gaming Fun”

  1. Tammy Neal

    Monopoly always fun to play x

  2. Monika Bascombe

    since i was a child i always loved frustration , shame my hubby hasnt got a patience to play it

  3. Leanne perrett

    we love a good trivial pursiut night or some scrabble

  4. Angela Pagan

    Monopoly! Family favourite for 4 generations!

  5. Caroline Shepherd

    My kids like playing my old set of Game of Life! Doesn’t bear much relationship to real life but it’s lots of fun.

  6. Onome Sankey

    We love scrabble because with young kids it is a fun way to build their vocabulary.

  7. astrongcoffee

    We like Monopoly Ultimate banking as you can’t cheat and it is quicker than the original

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