Tooth Fairy time for Jake

It’s seems it’s been about a year now since the tooth fairy has paid a visit, but she will be visiting tonight!

Jake has lost one of his incisors, we knew it wouldn’t be long as when we went to the dentist last week he said that it wouldn’t be long before Jake was to loose a tooth.


Behold the famous last words, his tooth fell out at dinner time today whilst eating a penguin biscuit!

So we have just finished off his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story book tonight (very fitting topic right!), brushed teeth and it is now safely under his pillow for the special visitor tonight!

Dentist trip
visit last week with Grace seeing the dentist and Jake waiting patiently.


What’s the going rate these day?

Mummy H

4 Thoughts to “Tooth Fairy time for Jake”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    What an exciting event for him, and such a big tooth to lose! I hope he enjoyed his reward.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Still £1 although the tooth fairy forgets to leave anything

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Exciting. I usually go for 2 pound unless it’s the first then 5.

  4. Susan B

    It’s a nice shiny £2.00 coin in our house.

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