National Day Chop Suey Day

I’ve decided to honour National Day’s Not Saints days but all the odd, weird, funny National Days we hear about on the web.

So today is #NationalDay Chop Suey Day

Chop Suey Day
Chop Suey Day

OK Chopsticks at the ready!

Did you know that Chop Suey literally means “assorted pieces” or “odds & ends”, which is good as when I make it it really is a random of assorted pieces that are left over from other odds & ends!

Traveling to the United States in 1903, Liang Oichao, a Guangdong native, wrote that there existed a food item called chop suey which was popularly served by Chinese restaurateurs, but which local Chinese people did not eat. 


What is your favourite Chinese dish, leave a comment below to let us know.

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One Thought to “National Day Chop Suey Day”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    I didn’t know it meant assorted pieces
    Surprising what I’m learning by reading your special days x

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