Today is 22nd August National Tooth Fairy Day

I’ve decided to honour National Day’s Not Saints days or but all the odd, weird, funny National Days we hear about on the web.

So today is #NationalDay of the Tooth Fairy.

National Tooth Fairy Day
National Tooth Fairy Day

We’ve all had visits from the tooth fairy in our lives, when I was little you got a thrupenny bit  (three pennies) under your pillow. When my children were younger they got 50p to a pound, but I hear of children getting £10.  I think that’s too much to give a child.

How much do you give your child from the Tooth Fairy? What do you think is the limit you would give?

Have you entered our competition yet? What are you waiting, for as it ends soon. Competition

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3 Thoughts to “Today is 22nd August National Tooth Fairy Day”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Update on tooth fairy -lucas lost his first tooth -apparently the tooth fairy left a £2 coin -seems reasonably!!
    My brother also uses bribery with Lucas – -if teeth aren’t brushed then the dentist will know ! Worked so far -he has brilliant teeth with no fillings!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Tooth Fairy leaves a shiny £2 here too. You’ve just reminded Mummy H to make Grace’s dentist appointment! LOL Jane x

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Gosh £10 os a bit OTT Bourn get a pound and are happy with that

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