Today 23rd August is National Sponge Cake Day

I’ve decided to honour National Day’s Not Saints days or but all the odd, weird, funny National Days we hear about on the web.


So today is #NationalDay Sponge Cake

National Sponge Cake Day
National Sponge Cake Day

The earliest known recipe for a sponge cake is from the book “The English Huswife, Containing the Inward and Outward Virtues Which Ought to Be in a Complete Woman” by English author & poet Gervase Markham in 1615.

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My Mums recipe was always 2, 2, 4, 4.  That’s two eggs, two sugar, four flower & four butter or margarine.   She could make one of these in no time when I was younger.

A later version of this type of cake was the Victoria Sponge, named after Queen Victoria, who was known to enjoy a slice of the sponge cake with her afternoon tea. Can’t say I blame her as a good sponge cake filled with jam & cream takes some beating.

We had a sponge cake layer in our wedding cake as I’m not a lover of fruit cake, I know a lot of couple do this.

How do you like your cake?

Have you entered our competition yet? What are you waiting, for as it ends soon. Competition

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4 Thoughts to “Today 23rd August is National Sponge Cake Day”

  1. Ashleigh Allan

    I love s Victoria sponge or a lemon drizzle cake

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    I like my cake anyway it comes
    My favourite is fresh jam and cream sponge
    Love proper fruit cake too

  3. Martina Evans

    I absolutely love a good sponge cake especially with cream & jam. Yummy (:

  4. Rosie

    My sister used to make the best sponge cake as a jelly roll cake with wonderful fillings, this just brought back the memory of having it growing up. I liked to help my big sister with baking, but it mostly meant doing the dishes!

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