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Tirita was founded in 2012 and they have a team of talented, young illustrators who are connected by a love of fashion. Always at the cutting edge, Tirita have continued to grow, year on year but remain focused on their passion of creating rare and artful phone cases that follow the latest designed trends.

Tirita Logo

Direct from the heart of Europe, Tirita like to push the boundaries of traditional design to bring you the very latest styles and popular looks at affordable prices. Based in the UK and Spain, Tirita gather insight from some of fashion’s most influential cities to create uniquely beautiful products.

I love the look of their phone cases, they are simply beautiful and with a range of patterns all categorised you can choose a style that is just right for you.

From colourful marble, glitter, animal, bling, hearts, flamingo, metallic, rainbow, unicorn, rose gold, watercolour to just name a few, they have cases for every style. Which you can also personalise too!

The exciting and original collections are inspired by some of the world’s most iconic runways, to ensuring that Tirita bring stunning, seasonal trends straight to there products. Dedicated to producing only the most individual styles, Tirita designers keep their ears to the ground and their fingers on the pulse.


What’s amazing about theses fabulous phone cases, is that you can either have their pretty designed case or you can have them personalised. I chose to have mine personalised and I love it.

Tirita Phone case bottom review Family Clan

I was sent this beautifully designed personalised Glitter Marble Tirita case to review, I loved it immediately and I am very impressed with the high quality and how it looks.

Why not give your phone a little sparkle, it never goes out of style!

Everyone loves a bit of glitter in their life, so this Glitter Marble case would be perfect for you. Styled from hard wearing plastic, the case is both light-weighted and easy to clip onto your phone, ready to take on the day with you.

Tirita have designed these glittery phone case to suit every trend, with inspiration from every fashion capital in the world. These glitter phone cases are guaranteed to complete one of your best looks.

They are all stunning and once you see, you can imagine how hard it was only choosing one!

Tirita Phone case bottom review Family Clan

My thoughts

I really like the personalised Glitter Marble case, its very smooth and looks very fashionably on trend. This Tirita case fits very snug and makes my phone look extremely sleek and thin.

Whenever I have ordered myself phone cases in the past, I have not felt in love with and couldn’t get on with the case on my phone as they have been very chunky, this Tirita phone case is weightless in my hand which is perfectly suited to me.  

Tirita Phone case bottom review Family Clan

Within my delivery they even had a Tirita lolly in too which I thought was a nice little touch, although I didn’t get this as Logan decided it was for him and really enjoyed it.

This faded Glitter Marble N.7 case is perfect for my Samsung Galaxy S9.

Tirita offer cases for various models of iPhones on their website and after new year they will also be adding Samsung. You can see the great range of cases via the Tirita website link. These would be perfect as a stocking filler this Christmas.

Mummy E

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5 Thoughts to “Tirita Phone Case Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Great idea for Christmas joy for the girls – they will love them

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Samsung 9 is what i want for Christmas – these cases sound ideal – the one I have is a little clumsy ! Great review thanks

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    There’s some lovely designs, it’s just a pity that they don’t have a lot of phone choice

  4. Susan B

    It looks as though there is something for everyone in the range and it is good to read that young, artistic talent is being utilised.

  5. Ashleigh Allan

    These look lovely with lots of beautiful designs

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