Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review

Tinys Winsy Weeny Tots

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family Clan

We have been sent Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots to review and boy are they cute!
The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots arrived as you can see in the picture, supplied in their own cot fast asleep protected in a plastic ‘lid’ which is great for when you have finished play you can place it back on knowing your doll is secure.
I really love that the packaging is not wasted and full use has been made of it for using it as the babies cot.

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots single dolls

Mason the Playtime Panda who is fast asleep in his little panda suit which is so soft and he also has his very own toy panda alongside him. The hood also has little ears on top with a panda face, so cute!

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family ClanNext we have Indi the Sleeptime Pink Bunny who is fast asleep in her cute sleeping bag which has a bunny rabbit design on and her hat also has rabbit ears. Indi also has her own dummy which she holds on her finger.

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family Clan
You can see the life like look of the tots feet here

The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots are a great hand size for children to play with and they can collect and care for them in the palm of their hands. The Tots are very realistic looking and the rubber-like hands and feet feel quite real with slight movement in either. The tots bodies are like a small bean bag making them soft and huggable.

Out & About Accessory Set

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family Clan

This little set belongs to Jasmine, she is so cute! The set is so adorable and I must say, we really are impressed with the quality and detail that has gone into these products;

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family Clan
Grace enjoying playing with Indi – changing her nappy

The pram has a moving handle and fully rotating wheels which allows your child to push the pram like a real one, you can flip the pram hood forward or all the way back, just like a real one! Your children can make their dolls extra comfortable and wheel them around. You can also remove the carrycot from the base of the pram so it is more like a moses basket to carry baby around.

Baby Jasmine who is included with this set also comes in an all-in-one outfit! Other accessories that are included with Jasmine are her changing bag, changing mat and fabric nappy too. The design on the accessories are blue & pink butterflies and hearts.
The packaging for this Out & About set can be used for storing once you have finished playing, everything pops neatly back into the sturdy box which I personally prefer as it then means we can keep everything together instead of loose in the bottom of toy boxes where accessories go missing!
15 Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots are available to collect individually. Each one comes with a beautifully designed miniature outfit and accessory. What’s more, they come with to you with a hospital wrist tag with an individual name and date of birth so you children can care for them just like a real newborn!



Our Thoughts

Here is a quick preview for you of the other tots that are available

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review Family Clan

These tots are suited for ages 3-7 years old and the first collection is limited edition. I truly like these dolls for Grace and I love how gentle she plays with them. They look so realistic, they are like the expensive dolls that people are going crazy over, but these are small and not as expensive! Ideal for children to have and care for their own baby.

They would make an excellent birthday or Christmas present.

The Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots collection is available at Smyths Toys Superstore.

The single dolls are RRP £7.99 each which can be viewed here
The Out and About Accessory Set is RRP £14.99 and can be viewed here

Mummy H and Grace

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5 Thoughts to “Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Review”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Been reading through your reviews on the hunt for Christmas presents – my neice is looking for suitably priced presents for her twin step sisters -shes quite smitten with these -more so with the price !

  2. kefkat

    Our nieces would love these. Think that sorted their Christmas presents


    The Tinsy Winsy Weeny dolls are very cute.

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    So cute!!

    So many dolls on the market it’s hard to keep up!!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      Don’t I know it with Grace’s 4th birthday in a week! Jane x

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