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Timmy Failure Books Family Clan Blog

We have been sent two Timmy Failure books to review by Stephan Pastis.

Stephan Pastis is the creator of the New York Times bestselling Timmy Failure series, the first of which was a 2014 Booktrust Best Book Awards winner, a runner-up in the 2014 Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards and listed as one of 100 Children’s Modern Classics by The Sunday Times. He is also the creator of Pearls Before Swine, an acclaimed comic strip that appears in more than seven hundred newspapers and boasts a devoted following. Stephan lives in northern Califorrnia, USA.

Timmy Failure – Mistakes Were Made

Timmy Failure Books Family Clan Blog

My Name is Failure. Timmy Failure. I am the founder, president, and CEO of the best detective agency in town, probably the world. The book you are holding is a historical record of my life as a detective. It has been rigorously fact-checked. All the drawings in here are by me. I tried to get my business partner to do the illustrations, but they were not good (as his business partner is a dog).

Although I am sure my children would really enjoy this book, as a mam, I felt like Timmy’s negative view of his mother and his friends was not what I want my kids to identify with at this age. It might work better as a read-aloud, so be ready to address any issues as you read about them.

This book can be purchased from Amazon.

Timmy Failure – Sanitized For Your Protection
Timmy Failure Books Family Clan Blog

‘I am Timmy Failure, The worlds greatest detective and I am tapped on a cross-country caravan-to-nowhere with the world’s most notorious criminal. But the truth of how I got here isn’t important. Because in a world that’s gone mad, when good’s become bad, the truth must be sanitized for your protection.

We like how the stories reads directly as if Timmy is explaining his life to you. There are plenty of pictures throughout the books, keeping younger readers occupied as the story goes on and with the pictures explaining Timmy’s story as he goes.
We found the books to be an excellent read and different to the normal stories we have read, due to the way it is read to you.

I found these books a little to old for Jake and Grace to read and understand so I have put them away until they are a bit older. I would say they are aimed at children aged 8/9+

This book can be purchased from Amazon.


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    Interesting article and giveaway

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    Detective Truth I will find out the truth eventually

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    Detective Naggy. Comes from my childhood nickname, originally Natty but a little girl always pronounced it “Naggy” and it stuck 🙂

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    Scout Frogmore because I would be scouting for clues, and I have to get my love of frogs in somewhere 🙂

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    Detective give me a clue … I am hopeless at solving crime dramas and the ending always comes as a big surprise.

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