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Time’s Up Party


Time’s Up Party from Repos Production is a hilarious party game in which players, in teams, give each other clues to guess the names of famous historical or fictional characters over three increasingly difficult rounds.

It is the perfect party game to play with friends or family. Unlike some other games, it requires no encyclopaedic knowledge to have fun. A bit of cleverness, a bit of attention, a bit of memory, and that’s it! To offer a new experience each time, the ‘Party’ version offers updated content with celebrities, characters, favourite movies, television series, books, and more. Bringing it right up to date and perfect for a family get-together.

Can you guess ‘Donald Duck’ with just one word, or communicate ‘isambard kingdom Brunel’ By mime? You have 30 seconds and three rounds to make your team guess the most cards!

Contents of the Time’s Up Party box

Time's Up Party Game


1 Sand Timer

220 Cards

Rule book


Biography Book

Score Book

Object of the game

We really do love a good quiz game, and this one we really couldn’t wait to get started with. Time’s Up Party is a team game which is played over the course of 3 rounds. Within each round you need to guess as many cards as you can.

This game is definitely best played in teams, so you need a minimum of 4 players, which is perfect for a few friends getting together, or family game nights.

There cards have 2 answers on them, displayed on either a yellow or black background. So as you begin your game you need to say which colour you will be reading from.

Now we dealt 40 cards between all of the players. At this point you are able to look at the cards that you have been given, at this point you are able to exchange your cards if you know the answers you can see, the other players won’t know, which in all fairness is a great rule, as I’m not the best at knowing famous people, so Daddy A had exchanged a number of cards for me.

Once all the players have read their cards, you can now shuffle together every player’s cards and begin to play Time’s Up Party.

First Round – Speak Freely

For the first round, the player has the length of time that the sand timer holds to get their team to guess as many cards as possible. This round we were able to speak, we could say whatever we wanted but with limitations on this.

We were unable to skip the card, use words alike to answer, use rhyming words, translate to another language, spell the answer using sounds and letters.

So with this all in play, the team can make as many guesses as they want, just shout them out!

When the word is correctly guessed, place the card face up and go straight onto your next card. Remembering you are timed!

When all cards have been guessed, you then write down the number of cards found by each team and move on to the next round with the next team.

Second Round – One Word

Using the same cards as the previous round, now you need to re shuffle them ready to begin your second round at the turn of the sand timer.

So this round is pretty much the same as the previous round, but this time, you are only aloud to speak a single word. Plus your team mates are only allowed a singular guess.

When the sand timer then becomes empty, the current card and all the cards which were not guessed, skipped or guessed incorrectly are gathered together and added back to the deck, then shuffled.

Once again, when all of the cards were guessed, we write down the number of cards earned by each team and moved on to our last and final third round.

Third Round – Mime

Okay, so this round we needed to gather all of the 40 cards from the previous rounds and shuffled them together.

This round was pretty much the same as the previous rounds with slight changes.

The player giving the clues must now mime the cards, they can hum and make sound effects, but not allowed to speak at all!

When the time runs out, add your score down once again.


How To Win Time’s Up Party

The team with the most cards guessed correctly during all three rounds wins the game.

I must say, my clues were pretty awesome, which must be why my team won! This game is such a great game to play,  easy to pick up and can be played multiple times.

I loved to get the Kelly Clarkson one clue, which I picked up in my third round, and as she is one of my favourite singers, it wasn’t a hard mime to be guessed seems I’m always singing around my house.


A Helping Hand

Times up Biography booklet


When it comes to your turn and say, you aren’t sure what the word is on the card, as lets face it, we don’t all know everything! Then within the contents of the box there is a biography booklet which helps you identify who you are going to represent.

Times up Biography booklet


Wile E. Coyote – Road Runners cartoon nemesis
Martin Luther King, Jr – Civil rights activist
Kelly Clarkson – Singer, first American Idol Winner
Harry Houdini – Escape artist and magician

That’s just a select few, the biography book is very full, giving you a good by simple description, which is all you need to get you started!

















Our thoughts

I really have enjoyed this game, its brought alot of laughs and giggles within the house. We are all looking for extra activities to do within the house at these times due to us all spending much more time at home.

I would highly advise this game for the family, it is suited age 12+ but my two younger children joined in to,  I just made sure that they had cards that they would identify with, such as Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter. Acting this out perfectly seems they have watched the movies once or twice!!

The games last approximately 40 minutes and are suited for 4-12 players and can be found on Amazon Website

Mummy H

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Time for more fun – maybe lockdown again but games will see us through

  2. ashleigh allan

    Looks like a great game for the whole family to play!

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