Tiana – Natures Purest Treasures


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Tiana – Natures Purest Treasures

Tiana Fair Trade Organics are one of the leading manufacturers, the nation’s coconut expert with over 10 years expertise producing and supplying high quality superfoods and beauty products.

After winning so many awards with their products I was keen to try out the Intensive Hair Treatment for myself. The 100ml jar will go a long way I will say for sure. With one use it has barely made any decrease in the jar.

Directions for use :-

Simply massage a small amount of the hair treatment into your hair. Leave for 20 minutes, or even better if you can leave it over night. Then wash your hair as you normally would giving it a thorough clean after your conditioning treatment to make sure you wash all the Intensive Hair Treatment out as it has a slight oily texture.

I love it! It has left my hair feeling so much more healthier and mine now has an additional glow, and I have had a couple of compliments saying how healthy my hair looks which caught me off guard, as a surprise!

Tiana Argan Fresh Coconut TLC is the only hair product with 100% Raw, Organic & Fair Trade ingredients. The intensive hair hydration treatment for beautiful hair is formulated to repair damaged, dry and weak hair by providing essential active nutrients to reduce protein loss and strengthen hair, leaving it soft, glossy and revitalised.

Although it says fresh coconut there is absolutely no smell from the jar which is great to know if you’re not a fan of coconut scent, but want to treat your hair! I love it as it always reminds me of holidays and sunshine!

What’s in the Jar?

Tiana Fair Trade Organics is the only beauty product to combine organic coconut and argan oils together to deliver an instant transformation leaving hair shiny and manageable. It contains the highest content of key nutrients including Lauric acid, Capric acid and Caprillic acid which possess excellent anti-bacterial properties

It is a perfect way to combat all kinds of damaged or dry hair and can also be used to treat dandruff.

Tiana Fair Trade Organics don’t just offer Intensive Hair Treatment, they also offer :-

With 50 consumer awards for their quality, taste and nutrition you can view all of these products on the Tiana website here.

These would make a great gift this Christmas!

Mummy H

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10 Thoughts to “Tiana – Natures Purest Treasures”

  1. Lynda Graham

    On my wish list to try all of its uses. Fantastic product and so cheap and economical

  2. Lynda Graham

    Fabulous products on my wish list to try.

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    That sounds lovely. I haven’t tried anything from Tiana yet.

  4. Marie Evans

    I have heard of Coconut oil for cooking but until I read this never thought of it for your hair, Although you see coconut in branded conditioners. But it seems to work so sounds like a good idea I’m sold!

  5. bonniebonster

    I’m sold!! This sounds like just what my hair needs, it’s down on my Christmas list now!

  6. Anneka Avery

    Thank you as always for such an interesting post and for putting your amazing way of words into such a great review. I have never tried this before but when I have some spare pennies I may invest myself! I have very long hair that has seen better days lol this may have to go onto my Amazon wishlist!!!

  7. Margaret Gallagher

    Tis a wonderful product
    Makes my hair so shiny
    Great for taming fly away hair

  8. Paul Wilson

    Coconut oil is very good for hair and skin.

  9. Kayleigh Watkins

    I need to try this on my hair it’s so dry since having Mollie 9 months ago xxx

  10. ashleigh allan

    Sounds really good – I love coconut oil products

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