Three Mills Reserve Wine Review

Three Mills Wine

Three Mills Reserve Wine Review

A wine review, well go on I’ll do it if I must – you just know all of the grown up Family Clan members where after doing this one!

Three Mills is named after the three old tower windmills that were once adjacent to Norfolk winery. These wines follow in the footsteps of Broadland’s popular range of British Wines, encompassing 50 years of tradition and craftsmanship at our winery.

The range has been developed by Arabella Woodrow, the Master of Wine at Broadland Wineries, and fermented at the winery in the East of England, and all three are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Three Mills Reserve White – Fruity & Zesty

Three Mills Reserve Wine review by Family Clan

Three Mills Reserve White has notes of gooseberry, melon and apple on the palate. It is best served chilled and is a restrained fruity drink, idea as an aperitif or accompanying fish, chicken, cheese or deserts.

The 75cl bottle has 10.5% volume.

This white wine was awarded a Silver certificate in the 2018 IWSC Awards.

Three Mills Reserve Red – Juicy & Smooth

Three Mills Reserve Wine review by Family Clan

Three Mills Reserve Red is packed with jammy red fruit flavours, restrained oak with hints of vanilla and cherry. It has a lengthy palate with soft tannins and is ideal with meat, cheese or simply on its own if you fancy a cheeky red wine one evening.

I have also used this in my cooking recently whilst making a lasagne by using the red wine to reduce down whilst cooking in the sauce, it really brought out the flavours lovely and was one of the best lasagna’s I had made in a very long time, the flavors went so well.

This red wine was awarded a Bronze certificate in the 2018 IWSC Awards.

Three Mills Reserve Rosé

Three Mills Reserve Wine review by Family Clan

This rosé has overtones of raspberry and cherry with a long lingering palate. It is best served chilled either as an apértif or accompanying any foods.  I do just like to have a glass by itself on an evening.

This rosé wine was awarded a Bronze certificate in the 2018 IWSC Awards.

The Perfect Gift?

Three Mills Reserve would be three ways to treat Mum this Mother’s Day and at such a great price too!

The Three Mills Reserve bottles are priced in Asda at £3.23, B&M: £3.99 75cl, B&M: £1.09 187ml

Mum’s are always the hero in our lives and there’s a fantastic way to make her feel special this Mother’s Day.

If your mum loves wine, but not always the alcohol, look no further than the Three Mills Reserve range of wines with a 10.5% ABV, making it the perfect treat for her to savor on her own, or to serve with the Mothering Day Sunday lunch.

Our Thoughts

I have really enjoyed these three bottles of wine that I have had to review, they have been such a lovely treat, and knowing that I can have a glass and still follow my Slimming World diet is pretty great!

If you’re following Slimming World, there are approx 4 syns per 125ml, which is great to know! I have been saving my Syns to have a glass on an evening.

To know that they are in Asda and B&M is pretty great to as these are very local to me.

Mummy H

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9 Thoughts to “Three Mills Reserve Wine Review”

  1. John Doran

    Can it be classed as wine , taste more like Vimeo, sorry long time customer lost.

  2. albert rice

    i used to buy 10 bottles a month .but since they reduced the per /cent from 10/5 to 8/per cent .i no longer buy this wine. as it tastes like juice. instead of wine

  3. Brian Shaw

    Our family have been Three Mills Reserve Red drinkers for years. The new reduced ABV to 8% is a disaster though. The company say that they have done it because of new duty rules and I won’t be able to tell the difference. REALLY!!!!!!
    IT IS TOTAL RUBBISH. Nothing like the original and more like a fruit juice. At least they should label the wine as NEW Reserve and not try to phase it in so nobody notices. Bad move Broadland Winery.

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    I love British wines. This is a new range to me, and they all look really good.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    These look delightful – not tried them yet – time for a treat for dad and myself

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    This sounds delightful – not actually tried it yet – rather fancy the whole range

  7. Susan B

    Lovely! A brand that is new to me but I really enjoy a glass of wine with dinner occasionally.

  8. Sharon Freemantle

    Not tried these before they sound delicious and aren’t badly priced. Definitely one to look out for

  9. Kim Carberry

    I’m a wine drinker but I don’t think I have tried these before. I like the sound of them. I will have to look out for them x

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