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Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan BlogThomas Trackmaster Toy Trains

Ever since Jake was little he has always loved Thomas the Tank Engine, from being ever so small I remember him ‘Choo Chooing’ at the tv.

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog

For his 1st birthday we bought him a wooden train set, he was also bought a Chuggington train track from Nanna and Granddad, his interest in trains has grown ever since.

He has an ever growing size collection of trains that are magnetic on the front and back for them to connect to each other, he has always enjoyed these and regularly plays with them. They are really suitable from a young age as its not hard to disconnect the magnets, so very easy for little hands to use too
Through the years, we have bought him lots of different trains and tracks to grow with him including Thomas, Chuggington and Dinosaur Train.

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog

For his 5th birthday we bought him Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster trains and tracks, with him being now old enough to understand that you are not to drag these as they go by themselves by switching the switch, we bought him a set from a local selling page on Facebook , they have become part of the furniture in my living room! Whether that’s connecting tracks to go under my table, or looping around under my sofa, making his own tunnels by using his sister Grace’s MegaBlocks, on sunny days we have even took the Trackmaster set outside on the patio and hes made a track going around our strawberry plants and added his dinosaurs to make them in to a dinosaur kingdom.

It has enabled Jake to use his imagination & fulfill his dreams.

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan BlogThomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog

I find that the blue Trackmaster pieces are very simple to put together so Grace who is 2 is able to do them and simple for Jake. We empty the train box and let the creations commence! We have ‘y’ shaped, ‘v’ shaped, straight pieces and corner pieces so plenty for them to make and create I am already thinking of what I could purchase next for them to make playtime for Jake and Grace more adventurous. I don’t know really what additional items you can buy for these we have a tunnel, and the road track which has a bridge that can attach so the trains can go under whilst the road vehicles go over (although we don’t have any road vehicles yet Jake just uses the trains on the road at the moment.

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog
There are many Thomas and Friends character trains that are all suited on these tracks, I would like to slowly get a larger collection because they really enjoy playing together.
I purchased some different trains for Grace, who is 2, to play on the tracks with which are suited from 18 months+, they are still from Thomas the Tank Engine range, the 3 engines are Thomas, James and Percy, these ones you are able push back just a bit and let go, they go quite a distance around the track by themselves. We prefer Grace to play with these so she does not break Jake’s trains by pushing them back and forth as she does not understand that there is mechanism inside that could break.

Jake loves to video his trains and taking pictures of them he even filled my memory card up last time, and keeps nagging me if he can use my phone to take ‘just a few’ pictures!

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog

I have both their birthdays approaching in September for Jake and October for Grace, so plenty of time for me to get hunting but I have made a couple of purchases from local selling pages on Facebook saving me a few pennies as they are not cheap to buy new. So I have bought Emily train for Grace for £5 (seems Jake says Grace will love it because its a girl engine!) And he has been nagging me for months for Spencer the silver engine so I have got that one for him too.

Jake absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine he seems to be sucked into Thomas’ Island of Sodor when he is talking to me and I don’t think Grace had an option on the choice of what to watch and play from being small, so she too gets very excited when it comes on the TV.

Thomas Trackmaster Family Clan Blog
Jake saw this & just had to have a drive for a few minutes.

We enjoy having a film night every Friday night and his choice each time is to watch Thomas movies, and he has now discovered the series from the original back in 1984 so he is working his way through them all now each film night!

We are hoping to take Jake and Grace to a local Thomas event that is taking place in August, they are going to absolutely love it.

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  1. Ashleigh Allan

    My nephew loves Thomas so this would be perfect for him

  2. Samantha O'D

    this looks great, my 4 year old loves Thomas

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Great collection he has there
    My 3 nephews love these too – they are great for imaginative play and development

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