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The Summerton Club

The Summerton Club are a premium spirits subscription box. They send out a fantastic aged bottle to their members every month.

Davids Story – Two years ago I knew what I wanted to get Dad, it was simple, I wanted a bottle of fantastic aged spirit to be delivered to his door every month. I wanted it to be a different bottle every month, so there would be an element of surprise and excitement every month, and importantly the bottles needed to be something you wouldn’t get in the supermarket or everyday brands…this was to be special. 
I thought that there must be someone doing it, after all there was the Craft Gin Club in the UK and some clubs doing exactly what I wanted in the US, but after a long search I found nothing that would be the right gift for dad. 

So as no-one else was doing it and people wanted it he decided to create an alcohol subscription club allowing others to gift this unique experience to someone special in their lives…The Summerton Club was born.

The Summerton Club is now here, sharing beautifully-aged bottles of delight to their members every month. They mainly focus on the main three Whiskies (Bourbon, Whiskey, Whisky), Brandies (Armagnac, Cognac, Grappa) and Rums (Cachaça, Rum, Rhum, Ron).

You can take a look at their Bottles of the Month to see the masterpieces they have already sent out to their members. I’m sure there’s a few you haven’t heard of on there.

The Summerton Club are working with a few master-distillers to bring their members bottles not available in the UK. Thus ensuring that they create new experiences for their members and ensure they feel special.

Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO review by Family Clan

Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO

The Summerton Club has shared with us one of their future Bottles of the Month. A Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO. This well aged spirit is not available in the UK and a great example of what they offer to their members.

With each delivery they also share a little information on the bottle.

On the Eastern edge of the Cognac region an island juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Oléron Island has been producing wine since the third century, when Roman influence introduced vines. Now vineyards cover 5% of the island and there is evidence of their traditional crafts around everywhere.

Today 49 vineyards have combined to share the labours of their love, acting together as a cooperative. With nature at the heart of what they do, the individual vineyards produce their wine from a variety of white grape styles, including ugni blanc, folle blance and colombard varieties. Their wine is combined within their shared distillery which creates 2,000 hectolitres of pure alcohol of Cognac per year.

When choosing which of their delightful range to share with their members, there was one obvious winner, the pinnacle of their craftsmanship, Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO.

Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO review by Family Clan

The bottle is such high quality, delivered very well and conveniently. The Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO weighs 1.6kg. I love the design too of the bottle lid with the rope tied around. It really does give it a great effect to the bottle.

The Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO is best stored between 18°c – 20°c. This bottle is a perfect mix of brandies where the youngest one is 10 years old. Every bottle is the fruit of the best grapes of the island, and one of the wine-makers distillery knowledge, this is an an exceptional hand-made Cognac by it fitnesse and the typical characteristics coming from this insular terroir.

It is a very powerful taste with hints of caramel, dried fruit and biscuit. The flavour lasts in your mouth with the persistence on liquorice throughout.

Cognac is best served neat, but you could also use cognac to make cocktails so I will be certainly be giving this a try the next time I have friends round. Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO review by Family Clan

One final thing that is what they believe is important. As well as sending out wondrous expressions and brands that none of your friends have even heard of, they also provide great value for money. For that reason they won’t send anything out that they believe their members could purchase themselves for cheaper than the membership fee.

It’s all about the bottle, no gimmicks, no extras, no fancy packaging, as they don’t last. Whereas a great drink will last a lifetime in your memory. So that is where they invest all their money.

This would make a great and on going giving gift this Christmas time. Perfect for your other half, parents or grand parents. You can make a subscription for 3 deliveries, 6 deliveries or 12 deliveries.

You can sign up to the Summerton Club website. If you use the discount code Family5 you will get a 10% off your first months subscription!

So who are you going to get a subscription for?

Mummy H

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6 Thoughts to “The Summerton Club Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO”

  1. Greg Zyn

    This Cognac product tastes fantastic, and if you’ve never drunk, I highly recommend that you get your hands on this as soon as possible. This is something you don’t want to miss out on. Trust me on that.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Oòoo la la That’s rather special – will make a fab gift

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Sounds great. My husband would love this. I love subscriptions

  4. A S,Edinburgh

    That looks gorgeous, and the subscription sounds great; perfect as a gift.

  5. Sharon Freemantle

    This is something my brother and uncle would like.

  6. Susan B

    Yes, it would make a really lovely gift. Some people are so difficult to buy for.

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