Tesco Sales Part Two – SHOES!

Tesco Sales Part Two – SHOES!

Grandad Al hates shopping. Now I’m sure he isn’t on his own in this, but when he goes shopping, HE SHOPS!

As you saw in my Tesco Sales Part One we got some lovely bits for the grand children, but Grandad Al desperately needed some new shoes to wear daily. The ones he had one had a hole somewhere on the bottom the let water in, so whilst Mum and I were looking at pretty dress, I sent him to look what they had shoe wise.

Tesco Sales Jan 18 Family Clan

When we met up a few minutes later he was sat on a stool surrounded by lots of different shoes. I wished I’d thought to take a photograph as you couldn’t get near him for shoes. Eventually he whittled it down to a five pairs. Some casual slip-ons, to brown boots.

All the shoes he bought where in the sales and they will last him years! He was so relieved at finding all he wanted in one shop. He’s still not decided which ones he’s going to wear every day but the slip-on’s are apparently like slippers.

Does your partner shop like this?

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Tesco Sales Part Two – SHOES!”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Always !! More shoes than me -at least i wear mine and they are not sat gathering dust !

  2. sandy ralph

    my husband hates shopping and will wait ill his shoes fall apart before he goes to buy more

  3. Kim W

    Yes, he’s the bargain seeker now and it’s surprising what he finds. He needs a certain type of shoe, though, now so it’s more expensive because of his health condition.

  4. ashleigh allan

    It’s great when you get a bargain and even better when you get lots of bargains!

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