Tenable Family Fun Board Game

Tenable Family Fun Board Game

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Do you love watching Tenable with Warwick Davies and fancy having a go yourself to test your knowledge?

Well we have found such a family fun game from Rocket Games that we were lucky enough to review as part of the Blogger Board Game Club.

Myself and Daddy A, really love watching TV quiz shows and get quite competitive whilst watching. We enjoy competing to see who can gain more answers per round.

So we couldn’t wait to try Tenable at home after really loving watching the TV series, game brain on!

What is Tenable?

Based on ITV’s “Top 10” quiz Tenable, this board game brings you a fun and challenging adaptation of the TV show featuring questions and game play that will make you fill like you’re taking part in the studio.

Can you find ten of everything and anything as you climb the scoring ladder to success and ultimately win the game? For example, could you find the last 10 properties on a Monopoly board or top 10 characters with most appearances in the original ‘Thunderbirds’ TV show.

It is harder when you think, when you are put on the spot to answer the questions!

Contents of the box

The contents of the box were all presented very well each having their own position to slot in.

Tenable board game club review by Family Clan Contents

What’s in the Box?

Playing Board,
Plastic Triangular Playing Frame
100 Double-sided Question Cards (200 gaming questions),
Rule book,
Answer Booklet,
5 Playing Pieces,
3 Nominate Tokens,
1 Overrule Token,
1 Life Token,

Tenable Tenable board game club review by Family Clan Family Clan

We set the game out which was pretty straight forward. Then chose our preferred coloured playing piece to play.

Although the game is suited for 3 or more players, we still made this work between the two of us. Starting with the host, I would then ask questions to see how many Daddy A could answer before being out of lives.

The question cards are all numbered from 001 – 200, so choosing your question card you then slot into the triangular playing frame piece. It would be a good suggestion to start at 001 and work your way through.

So now that the card is in position, the host then takes the answer book and turn to the right corresponding page to what matches your question card.

Tenable board game club review by Family Clan

How to Play Tenable

Starting with all slides of your triangle covered, The host would then read the question on the card. Referring to the answer booklet for each answer I would then slide and reveal correct answers as Daddy A answered them and move his play piece up the board.

Tenable board game club review by Family Clan

There are tokens that get used as you play, which can be used once per round. So when you are playing within a team these become really handy as you can keep your team alive if you think that the answer given was incorrect, you can step in and play your token.

Can you make it all the way up to 10? The best we got was up to 8, which I think was pretty good walking away with £10,000. Wishful thinking!

We have had a good two hours playing this, and can absolutely see Tenable being a game that will be played over the festive season with other family members too for all to join in and enjoy.

Our Thoughts

Tenable is aimed for ages 10 years and over and 3 or more players, but like I mentioned already, we had played two player with one being The Host and the second player answering questions. This actually worked really well.

There has been such a variety of questions too, with a similarity to the questions within the TV show. The questions will suit all ages over 10!

Tenable is available from Argos website. Why not check some of our other Blogger Board Game club reviews.

Mummy H & Daddy A

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8 Thoughts to “Tenable Family Fun Board Game”

  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    Thanks for this review, my mom and dad like watching Tenable, so they would enjoy this game.

  2. ashleigh allan

    Sounds good – i have never watched the show before!

  3. Nicola John

    Ohhh that looks good we need a game for Christmas night

  4. James Travis

    Looks a fun game, do like the show

  5. Susan B

    Warwick is great to watch. Thanks for the review of the game.

  6. fionajk42

    I’ve never seen this programme but it sounds fun.

  7. susan smith

    Oh wow, love this programme, never miss it, didnt know they did a game, i so want this

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    We love this game – dad cant miss it each afternoon – Christmas pressie !!!+

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