Taskmaster: The Game Based on the Adult TV Game Show


The Game Based on the Adult TV Game Show 

Taskmaster is a brilliant adult style game show  If you are anything like Daddy S and myself, who absolutely love the show you will love this game based on the show!
For those of you who haven’t seen this celebrity game show, allow me to explain a little;
This game show consists of very simple but somewhat bizarre challenges for the celebrity contestants. It is hosted and written by the British comedian Alex Horne and hosted by comedian and actor Greg Davies.
Taskmaster Board Game Family Clan
The first series of Taskmaster was aired in 2015 and is still going very strong to this day. Greg Davies sets a series of obscure tasks for the celebrities to complete one by one in isolation or occasionally in teams. These tasks are designed to encourage the players to think laterally and creatively to complete each task.

About the TV Show

Each episode starts with the Prize Task, in which each contestant brings in a prize following a given theme. For example, this week’s Taskmaster Tasks was to bring in something with the most holes in it. Someone brought my favourite food in, Crumpets! The contestants with the most unusual item then get ranked from five to one, with one being the least impressive. At the end of the day the prizes are all awarded to the winner of that episode.
The tasks are delivered to the players in a wax sealed envelope. Each player reads aloud. Alex Horne blows the whistle for the task and fun begin. The tasks are filmed with each contestant separately in a house in Chiswick, London.
Some examples of past tasks include “Completely empty this bathtub – fastest wins”, “Impress this mayor – you have 20 minutes”, and “Throw a teabag into a mug from the furthest distance. You have exactly 1 hour.” which is extremely funny to watch!
After the tasks are shown to the audience, the players discussed in a comedic manner about their completion of the set task as to why they think they performed the best.  After all the attempts at the task have been seen, judgement is then passed to Greg Davies and points are awarded (or players disqualified) accordingly.

The Final Challenge in Taskmaster is performed live in the studio. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by a special tie-breaker task, which may either be pre-recorded or performed live. The winner wins all of the prizes from the Prize Task at the beginning of the show.

Taskmaster Board Game Family Clan

The Taskmaster Board Game

The AIM OF THE GAME is to have the highest score out of you and your opponents and YOU WIN!
Myself and Daddy S couldn’t wait to give this Taskmaster game a go.
This Taskmaster game was super simple to set up. First of all you have to divide all six sets of cards (Kitchen Task, Living Room Task, Lab Task, Garden Task, Secret Task and Final Task), placing them in the correct places on the game board. Making sure you have paper, pen and a stop watch (tablet or phone with internet if you would like to play the interactive version) you are ready to play the game. There are two types of Final Task cards; Interactive cards with a QR to scan or those without playing without the internet there are a pile of printed tasks to use
 …shhhhh. Everyone pick up a Secret Task card. Without showing your opponents try and carry this task out during the game.

Let the Game Begin. 

Once all is set up, players then have one minute to draw a self-portrait on the paper slips provided. Press it into the front of a picture frame. These pictures are then place on the leaderboard in alphabetical order of first names to begin.
Then each person takes it in turns to become the Taskmaster and pick a different location. They read the card out, all players, apart from the Taskmaster, carries out this activities within the time giving. Alternatively a player can be chosen to be the Taskmaster throughout this game.
Throughout the game, the Taskmaster has the right to give out bonus points where they sees fit. Once the number of agreed tasks have been completed the players write down what they believe the other players Secret Tasks were. They receive three points if they guess correctly.  If no one guesses the players Secret Task, they awarded three points for going undetected. This is followed by the Final Task. The player who is last on the leaderboard blindly tasks a card from the Final Task pile. If it has one they can scan the QR code on their phone or tablet and the Taskmasters assistant will read out the card for them to complete.
Taskmaster Board Game Family Clan
In the Final Task there is no Taskmaster , simply the winner will get 5 points, second gets 4 points ect, at the end of the Final Task the final score are tallied up and the player with the most point is the winner, however in the event of a tie-break the players that are tied complete one more Location Task and the winner is chosen by the remainder players.

Our Thoughts

This game allows up to 3-5 people to play. Sadly due to the Coronavirus we haven’t been able to test this out with friends, however Daddy S and I, had a read thought to make sure we fully understand the rules of this game for when we have company again. And to be honest, we can not wait to try this out. We are huge fans of the show and will quite often watch the re-runs on Dave.
This game seems like a bit of adult silliness, however I would not have a problem with playing with older children or teens.
Although this games states it is suitable for 8+ I believe that it would better suit slightly old children maybe 10+. There are a lot of aspects to the game and some of the tasks are advanced for an eight year old e.g “make the Taskmaster a cup of tea”
We love this game and it would make a perfect Christmas Gift. Perfect for when we are allowed family games nights again.
You can purchase Taskmaster from the Amazon Website, Smyths and all good toy stockists.
Mummy E

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Our games have begun – needed something to make our afternnoons pass quicker ! Can thoroughly recommend to all

  2. Carly Belsey

    Now this sounds brilliant. A perfect adult game to play when the kids are finallly exhausted and asleep.

  3. Susie Wilkinson

    The perfect adult game for when we’re able to socialise again!

  4. SarahJG

    This looks brilliant, a must for Xmas

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Planning on getting for Christmas – will be great fun

  6. James Travis

    Watched the taskmaster several times, this game would be a great game to do, as soon as I can have people over again

  7. ashleigh allan

    I haven’t watched this but the game sounds like good fun!

  8. George Worboys Wright

    I love Taskmaster, it’s so funny! The game sounds like it’d be lots of fun too!

  9. Jo m welsh

    I haven’t never actually watched this but it sounds better than I thought any the game seems fun so perhaps I should check it out.

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