Tampopo – A Flavour Tour of East Asia

To celebrate our Anniversary we went back to a restaurant that we had visited last year with our friends Mark & Sharon, Tampopo, in the Trafford Centre at Manchester.  This time it was just us too.

Tampopo Trafford Centre Manchester
              Tampopo Trafford Centre Manchester

It’s a lovely little nip in restaurant that opens out onto the upper floor of The Orient area of the shopping centre, that offers, a to take you on a tour of the flavours of East Asia. The food is cooked & served by very knowledgeable staff.

You can try something on the menu from Vietnam, Malaysia & Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan & Korea. The choice is quite amazing. You can see the menu for Tampopo Menu at the Trafford Centre

Granddad Al decided to have Gaeng Keow Wan a dish from Thailand, a classic coconut green curry with chicken breast, pea aubergines, Asian basil & lime leaf, served with steamed Jasmine Rice.

Gaeng Keow Wan
                             Gaeng Keow Wan

I wasn’t quick quick enough with my phone to get a picture of it before he got into it!  As you can see he took the chillies out & placed them on the side of the plate.

I only tried a small piece of chicken which tasted lovely but I’m not a big lover of hot spices, so this is one meal that I wouldn’t order myself.

I decided to go for a Ga Xe Phay, which is griddled strips of chicken breast, Chinese leaf, carrot, shallot, mint, coriander and roasted peanuts, with a lime & peanut oil dressing.  I had this the last time & really enjoyed it, hence me trying it again.  It’s a salad from Vietnam.  I tried eating with the chop sticks but ended up using the fork as I’m not that great with them, but at least I tried.

Ga Xe Phay Vietnam
                        Ga Xe Phay Vietnam

The salad is very light, as I wasn’t really very hungry this was a perfect choice, though I did scrape my plate clean.   We just drank tap water with our meal, which came with ice & a slice of lemon, but you could order beer, wine, soft drinks, teas, coffees, even a cocktail with an Asian twist.

As you can see your place mats are a map of East Asia, with a little information about the food from each country.  Like the Philippines:- Chinese-influenced noodles & spring rolls & colonial Spanish ingredients, often with a tart sharpness to the flavour of the dishes or Korea:- has a warming robustness to combat the colder climate, with flavours coming form pepper, soy sauce, spring onions & sesame oil.  It great to learn about why different countries involve different spices & herbs in their food

Place Map, Chopsticks & sweets
                    Place Map, Chopsticks & sweets

When our waitress brought us the bill, there was two little sweets with “I love Tampopo” through them. like Blackpool rock. – The sweets were wrapped, but I couldn’t get a decent photo of them! – It was a lovely treat, that we enjoyed.

The name Tampopo, which is a girls name meaning dandelion, is taken from a Japanese film, that is a cult classic, that shows the search for the perfect bowl of noodles by the films heroine.

Nanna Jane

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7 Thoughts to “Tampopo – A Flavour Tour of East Asia”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Ooooo to eat here now – just really what i need

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Is this place still there – ive not had the pleasure of dining here

    1. Nanna-Jane

      As far as I know Margaret it is. We’ve been a few times now, t not recently. xxJane

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Lovely the food looks great. Making me hungry looking at it ?

  4. Martina Evans

    wow this sounds like a nice place to go and eat. I don’t go to restaurants that often, but when I do, I make the most of it. I also love Eat Asian cuisine!

  5. Hazel Rea

    Sounds delicious! I think experiencing different cuisine is fantastic – and you can always then try to make it yourself at home as Google will help you find the recipe, or something fairly close.

  6. K Alman

    Just realized you’re in my neck of the woods or I should say I am in yours as I live in “Greater Manchester” or “Lancashire” depending on who you ask and which forms I have to fill out. Enjoying your blog.

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