Syn Free Pancakes Step by Step guide for Slimming World

How to make Syn Free pancakes on Slimming World

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

We love pancake day but now I’m following Slimming World, its very hard to have Syn free pancakes.

Wanting to indulge in all the sweet topping but still stay on track. So here is a step by step guide for you to enjoy Syn free pancakes.

What you will need:-

40g Porridge Oats (Hex B)
2 eggs
3 table spoons of natural yoghurt
Fry Light

This recipe makes 2 good sized pancakes sorry for the sloppy images, ha!

Step 1

Put your 40g of porridge oats into a jug
Add 2 eggs
Add 3 tablespoons of natural yoghurt

Step 2

Blend your ingredients until smooth

Step 3

Spray your pan with fry light, a few sprays will do it and place heat on medium

Step 4

Pour half of your pancake mixture in

Step 5

cook either side until just turning golden.

Step 6

Your pancake is now complete, repeat the process for your other pancake.

I have added a sprinkling of sweetener over my pancakes for that sweet kick and they have turned out amazing.

You can simply top with your favorite fruit and enjoy.

Roll up, and tuck in!

Mummy H

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19 Thoughts to “Syn Free Pancakes Step by Step guide for Slimming World”

  1. Lyndsey cooksey

    Oooh thank you for the recipe! I’m on slimming world too so I’m defianlty trying these!

  2. susan smith

    These look and sound wonderful, i have bookmarked this to give them a try once i have brought some oats

  3. nadiashanahan

    I just hit my SW target and it feels great! 2.5 ston in 4 months and I plan to keep it off!

    1. Mummy H

      Good Luck! That was the same as me , I managed to get 3 stone off but found it hard to stay at 3 stone and stayed at an average of 2.5 stone. 2 years later, it’s unfortunately mostly all back on and I was so determined to keep it off. But life gets in the way that and I fell of track. Fingers crossed I can get back into it again soon! Good luck staying on plan, I would advise, even if you do have an off week/month. Just try and keep on with your Speed even if you still have treats! Harriet x

  4. Laura Wheatley

    I joined slimming world yesterday, will be giving these a go,. I love pancakes

  5. A S,Edinburgh

    These look fabulous! I bet the oats and yoghurt give them a wonderful flavour.

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