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10 SECONDS TO… Cleaner Teeth Healthier Gums Confident Fresh Breath! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE..

Swish To Go is an oral care range which is quick and easy to use. It is a quick dissolving powder that has a natural way to achieve cleaner teeth, healthier gums and long lasting fresh breath. This quick and discreet product can be used as part of your daily routine, anytime, anywhere without having to use water.

Swish To Go is such a handy product and only takes 10 seconds! It is great if you have a busy schedule or are away from home, pop this in your bag to achieve healthier teeth, cool mint fresh breath and cleaner teeth, all within 10 seconds! How great is that?

As an expectant mum and due my baby in around three weeks time the Swish To Go is a perfect addition to my hospital bag, I remember after having Logan, I just wanted to get refreshed after the birth.  Every pregnancy/birth is different and who knows what these next few days holds for me, but having this Swish To Go in my hospital bag I know will be super handy as it is an ideal way to keep teeth clean and breath fresh when I can’t get to a sink or bathroom.

Swish To Go review by Family Clan

With less than one week to go until my due date I am finding doing the ‘normal’ things much harder, braxton hicks have started which are keeping me awake most of the night, the Swish To Go is perfect for these later stages of pregnancy when I really would like to freshen up, but just can’t face another trip up the stairs to the bathroom, Baby Nemo is head down but ‘back to back’ so this last week I have noticed how much I am struggling with the simple things.

How it works.

Swish To Go reduces the acids that causes cavities and helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and plaque that grows in your mouth. These sachets are completely safe to swallow, and the powder greatly reduces the bacteria at the back of your mouth that are often the cause of bad breath by neutralising the PH levels in the mouth and are very easy to use.

Firstly you tear open the sachet and pour the powder onto your tongue, it will then quickly begin to dissolved into a liquid. Swish it around for 10 seconds before swallowing. It is that simple!
Swish to go

Each pack contains six sachets and they are such a handy size to put in your hospital bag, ready for when baby comes. In a briefcase to use before that important meeting. Maybe your a busy working Mum on the go, these would be perfect in your handbag or baby bag.

Swish To Go is available in three different flavours, cool mint, mint fresh and zesty lemon and available to purchase on their website.

Mummy E


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Question is “Where and when would you use Swish To Go?”


120 Thoughts to “Swish To Go – Teeth Cleaning on the Go”

  1. Kerry Webber

    At college, after lunch!

  2. Kirsteen Mackay

    Out and about meeting people

  3. Jennifer Baker

    After eating out, be fab to have in my handbag x

  4. Kyomi Johnson

    I would probably use it whilst stuck at the hospital

  5. meryl Thomas

    I’d use it when I am travelling and want to freshen my breath

  6. Michelle Wild

    At work or anytime I’m away from home.

  7. Jeanette Leighton

    In the day when I’m busy with my kids and am going out

  8. Cassandra D

    I would use the use Swish To Go at the job after my lunch. It would give me that fresh feeling.

  9. jackie curran

    I would use it when I am for the day for freshening up , would be brilliant

  10. Sarah Hanson

    Probably at work mostly

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